Strange Concert Happenings

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by Buck Rogers420, Sep 20, 2016.

  1. Buck Rogers420

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    Doing Windowpane at a ZZ TOP show on Holloween night. My friend spranged his ankle, so I take him to firstaid. Probably 20 cops in there and my friend is dressed up as a cop with a pig nose! ☆{A GOOD TIME WAS HAD BY ALL}☆
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  2. Shovelhandle

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    Strange Concert Happenings. Now, there is a good topic! So many strange times.
    Ted Nugent at the Cape Cod Coliseum. I took a friend and my little brother and his friend. I can't remember much of any of it except Ted running around on top of the amps and my friend and I in the stands behind the band to get away from the cherry-bombs being thrown in the crowd on the floor.
    Ry Cooder opening for Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band at Boston Univ Sargent Gym 1971. High as fuck and the place was a friggin' zoo! I can remember one song... Got separated from my peeps and had to navigate myself home on public transportation tripping balls. Lots of strange shit happening along the way. Mostly me. <G> WOW!
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  3. Buck Rogers420

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  4. Dutch Pimp

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    Free concert: Sept 1967

    John Sebastian walking to the football stadium threw a souvenir Frisbee at me.

    I watched it go by me and somebody behind caught it. I had never seen a frisbee or heard about them.

    ...apparently, I had lived a sheltered life up until then? :D

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  5. Buck Rogers420

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    Arlo Guthrie,summer of 77. K.C.K.COPS START busting people for smoking pot.
    Arlo stopped the show until they were all releast. The crowd went wild! Ya.:S2:
  6. Shovelhandle

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    not that time, barbituates. I had to go back to the car to get my friend after the first act as he was passed out when we arrived. <G>
  7. tangentweed

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    YES at the Cow Palace in San Francisco 1976. Relayer tour.
    Laser light show, spacey Roger Dean stage props, fantastic Progressive
    Rock and Thai Sticks made for a memorable concert for this (at the time)
    17 year old kid..
  8. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    I saw that tour in KCMO. Great set & lights, or was that the windowpain . Had 2 drive home in a snow storm. That night snow caved in the roof of the venue they played at. :wtfsign:

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