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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by ebsters, Jul 7, 2007.

  1. ebsters

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    ok i have been growin my 2 plants for about a month and a Half, and just started 12/12 about 15 days ago.

    So today i go to check on the crop, and i notice that i have one felmale, and something else.

    The plant i am talking about here, I had topped it in its veg state, I now have 2 top shoots growing well. However one side of the topped plant is felmale. And the other side has some pistals growing on it, but i also noticed some balls/sacks. But only on this one side! I think its a hermie, but i am not quite sure as it has no other signs of being a hermie other than that one spot.

    any input? i will post pictures in a bit.
  2. ebsters

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    here the pic

    i tryed to zoom in on the nodes, but my cam didn't want to take a clear picture.

    oh incase your wondering on the setup, its 2 4ft 40 watt flors, one red tube one blue tube, and 2 60 watt CFL's they are rated at 14 actual watts.

    I will be getting another 4ft flour setup soon. I would use a hps, but i do not have a way to get rid of the heat, as its a closet grow.

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  3. ebsters

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    guess no one has anything to say about this werid plant of mine.

    i just don't understand how it could have only female on one side, and half felmale half male on the other. Of the top 2 shoots.
  4. Divestoned

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    the one furthest from the light hermied...the other.......almost did. get more light.

  5. Tomthehippie

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    Yea man! u need more light! they should be 5 times the size by now! Pick all the balls of the hermied plant, watch it closely for any more - if loads more turn up chop the he/she. :)
  6. ebsters

    ebsters Registered+

    thanks for the replies

    ya i figured i didn't have very much light, i am gonna pick up some more light fixtures today prolly.

    the 2 cfls' and the 4 ft flour isn't enough.

    If i add lets say another 200 watts of light you think i would be ok?
  7. Tomthehippie

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    you should look in to getting a 250w hps. :)
  8. ebsters

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    i would get a hps, but i don't think i have enough ventilation for it.

    I picked up some higher wattage clf's 120watt, or 30 watt. To take place of the 13watt ones. And i picked up a t8 4ft asemmbly today. Each of the tubes are rated at 38 watts, and are 4 ft long.

    So this puts me at about 400 watts of light power. I dunno how many lumens but hopefully should be enough to create some decent buds.

    Once i have a better location to grow, i will be upgrading to a duel 600 watt hps, and keep the flour's for veg.
  9. ebsters

    ebsters Registered+

    here is a pic of the new setup, that i just installed.

    another 4ft shop light t8, Other one is t12, i wanted another t12 but the store didn't have any.

    I also replaced the cfl's that were 13 watt/60w with 30/120

    I will pick up some bases for the extra two 13watt cfl's and add them back in later.

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  10. Tomthehippie

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    cool! nice move man. lets see how they improve now! what are u feeding them?
  11. ebsters

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    feeding them
    Schultz Expert gardener Bloom Plus now
    its a 5-30-5 nutes.
    1/2 strength every 5-6 days. I water with a 5 % solution everytime i water.

    I was using 15/15/15 mg. for a little bit. Before i switched over to flowering.

    But i am thinking i should give a little more N beacause the plants are rather small. And will need it for new leaves and such. Not to mention, the small pots they are in. They should be transplanted but i am flowering now so i rather just have them deal with it.
  12. BeforeYourTime

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    You are right about the size of the pot, its not helping the plants. The bigger the pot the better. It might be worth transplanting the female which has not hermied/or both into 2gal pots.
    Next time round start them in 1gal pots and, before you flower, transplant them into 2-3gal pots. And more light again:D
  13. ebsters

    ebsters Registered+

    Overall i think they have ample light for now considering there are only 2 plants. I have more than doubled the light i had before in veg state. And already today right when the lights kicked on i upped it. Today there has been record growth so far :) at least with these plants each plant is getting about 10,000 lumens or so. I know if i want really high yields i should go to a hps, but right now thats just not an option. I have a 400 watt hps, i tried that at first, but my temps went well over 90 degrees in my little closet.

    I think next time around i am going to start them in one of those flower boxs, which is about 3-4 gallons of soil, yet not sitting so high. Because i really don't have to much head room to work with at the momment.
  14. Divestoned

    Divestoned Registered+

    yep thats lookin a lil brighter.

  15. Tomthehippie

    Tomthehippie Registered+

    yea transplant! how big is your grow space? u might want to block in the light to optimise plant growth. :)
  16. ebsters

    ebsters Registered+

    oh the light is being blocked in. I have a rather genious cardboard box sculped to fit in there perfect. No light leaks that i can see. Everything else is white, except for the floor which is brown. oh the cardboard box is white in color as well, as some writing on it..

    my grow space is about 5 long, 3 1/2ft-4ft tall, and 2 feet deep.

    I guess i will look for something to transplant the female into. as for the possible hermie, i will just wait and see if it develops into a full hermie or if it was just a fluke.

    I need a taller grow space. I may just have to lower the shelf by reinstalling it lower.
  17. PharmaCan

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    Ebsters - when you are talking about cfl's and flouro's, always refer to the real watts, not the equivelant ones. That's pretty much what everyone does to avoid confusion.

    If you have a 400 watt hps - have you looked at the DIYs on this forum for cool tubes? You could build a cool tube real inexpensively. I have 400's in cool tubes and they are cooler than a cfl.

    Good luck!!!

  18. ebsters

    ebsters Registered+

    on the cfl's the real wattage is listed before

    i have 30 watt bulbs, which are supose to be equal to 120 watt bulbs. But my main lighting is coming from the t-8's and t12's
  19. ebsters

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