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    my babys are 2 weeks into flowering now, i am starting to worry.......

    little itty bitty white spots are appearing on some of the itty bitty leaves and the new growths, theese "white spots" seem to be getting bigger im not exactly sure what theese white spots are or what they seem to represent or even if they are somthing i should worry about but i would feel much better if someone knows what they are or why they want to congregate on my plants,

    sorry i dont have pics

    does any1 have any idea of what theese white spots are??

    or how i can get rid of them??
  2. Greenthing

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    Mistaswift This seems to be your problem.
    Spider mites are by far the worst pest to have, because they are the hardest to kill and can literally kill any plant. They are by far more active in warmer climates than cold ones, they also suck sup from the leaves leaving tiny white spots on the leaves from where they suck on.
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    Check under the leaves with a magnifying glass for mites and eggs. The mites will look black\brown and they are very hard to spot. If you see any small spots..keep youre eye on it for a minute to see if it moves.

    The easiest way to check for them is to leave the plant undisturbed so they get a chance to make webs and then spray the plant with water from a fine mister. The water clings to the webs and makes them easier to see. As your plants are in flower... go easy if spraying them to avoid water affecting the buds in a detrimental way (bud rot). I would never reccommend spraying plants that are in flower, only if absolutley necessary or if you want to identify a problem.

    You've got many options if it is spidermites but whatever you choose, do it quick because their rate of reproduction is very high and they can devestate ur plant given the chance.

    If u have the cash and they are available, I would recommend introducing some natural predators of spidermites. If u can get hold of any ladybirds (ladybugs...whatever), they do a fantastic job of eating the spidermites and do no harm to the plant.

    Without pics.. its very hard to be sure of what it is tho so get some pics uploaded.
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    did you brush the ceiling over them and make that ceiling crap fall on them??

    did that once myself...
  5. Storm Crow

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    The spots look like spray paint "drift"?

    You got mites! :( Bummer. Lower the temperature if you can- slows them down a little. Part of the problem is some strains of mites are becoming resistant to some sprays. I was lucky and a pyrethrum spray took care of my one infestation mites. Even so the harvest was about 1/2 of what I usually get.

    DO NOT PUT OFF FOR EVEN ONE DAY, KILLING THOSE LITTLE MF'ERS! They breed like crazy, and suck the life out of your plants amazingly fast! :cursing: I am pretty easy-going, live and let live....but I make a few exception here and there. Spider mites, fleas, mosquitoes and rattlesnakes are on the exceptions list.
  6. mistaswift

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    YOU ALL are scaring me what do i do!! i dont want the spider things round here? how do i eliminate them
  7. mistaswift

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    i can obtain some ladybugs, ladybugs will take care care of the spidermites??

    i really dont want spidermites, or what do you all suggest?
  8. Greenthing

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    Ladybugs will eat them.

    No one wants spidermites, ladybugs are predators so introduce them into your grow space.:thumbsup:
  9. Wobster

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    In this day and age Im sure you can get hold of a digital camera. Use a phone or borrow one. The symptoms sound very much like spidermites but it is not certain that this is your problem.

    Have you seen any evidence of the critters... webs or the critters themselves?

    Im only saying incase you waste your time trying to solve a problem with the wrong solution and therefore letting the real problem get worse.

    A small amount of searching the net by yourself will turn out a vast amount of info regarding spidermites. Ladybugs are great and have worked for me. There are other natural predators that you can introduce to your grow to take care of them.

    Thrips are another critter that could be causing ur problem so I stress once again pics.. pics... PICS. Good luck :hippy:
  10. Greenthing

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    Spidermites, the damage they do is just like thrips, but with spider mites they pierce the surface of the leaves and can show tiny holesor white speckling damage, unlike with thirps they eat the surface of the chlorophyll. You can tell when you have infestation of spider mites , because you will have distorted growth, shortened internodes and petioles.
    When you have bad infestation you will see webbing with larva in them.
  11. Greenthing

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  12. mistaswift

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    i was looking at my plants through a magnafying glass for at least an hour last night. I was unable to spot the spidermites but i really think that they are around , maybe i need a bigger magnafying glass who knows.

    the point is im afraid, very afraid. I dont want to take any chances with somthing as deadly as spidermites so i went ahead and got the ladybugs.

    *I will put up some pictures in the next few hours & you can be the judge*
  13. Greenthing

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    Thrip damage. photos would be good mistaswift.:thumbsup::stoned:
  14. mistaswift

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    take a look at theese , my camera isnt that great..

    spidermites, thrips, thrills, out of control flesh eating disease :0 , or none of the above????

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  15. Greenthing

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    Mistaswift at the bottom of my post there is a link to Stinkyattics troubleshooting form fill it in and wait for Stinkyattic to get back to you.:thumbsup:
  16. Wobster

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    Take a chill pill lol. We didn't mean 2 scare you. That really doesn't look like spidermites or thrips.. its too uniform. I'd say a neutrient problem but I don't know what. Stinkyattic would sus that straight away.....
  17. mistaswift

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    Troubleshooting answers

    okay here we go,

    Soil= Promix / & potting Mix
    adding to soil = little bit of perlite, vermiculite, just a sprinkle of dolomite lime
    soil Ph = 6.8 at the moment
    water ph= im not 100% on my water Ph, but its filtered from fridge
    lighting =seven 42watt cfl as close as i get 2 plants without burning them**
    ventilation= twin fan, 2 modes 1 is set to blow in and the other mode sets the other side to blow out, also small fan near the top directing air out
    Temp = lights off around 23degreez celsius & with them on around 25-26cels
    Humidity= humdity i am unsure of , but the area is fairly small so you can imagine what it would be like,
    Ferts = power flower 2-5-4
    age = they are all 5 months approx
  18. Wobster

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    Wht do you mean filtered from fridge? That sounds dodgy. Why not use normal tap water?
  19. mistaswift

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    my water from the fridge is the same water that comes out of the tap and really isnt what is contributing to the problem. The only difference is the water being slightly cleaner.

    i am noticing more of the white spots now towards the upper leaves though which cant be good.

    The other pictures may have been misleading the camera doesnt really show the little white spots everywhere , but im really hoping it isnt spidermites. The ladybugs can figure it out until i can figure whats causing this problem
  20. Greenthing

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    What is the temperature of the water out of your fridge, it should be about
    23C if it is cold or too hot it will shock the roots.
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