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Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by hamatoyoshi, Jun 26, 2009.

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    finally the strawberry was dried and now some is cured nicely..
    ofcourse it is still a bit early to judge, because the flavors are still very delicate on some of them. from 5 fem seeds there were 5 different phenotypes. each one looks, smells, tastes and feels different.
    very UNSTABLE strain, NO Strawberry taste AT ALL. it was grown in the best possible soil ever with guano and molasses and lots of love. so it can't be the reason, but they sure taste good. even tho there's no strawberry flavor, the flavor is very rich and varies from one plant to another.
    some had more fruity flavor and some had more earthy\hashy flavor.
    The high of strawberry is indeed very active and fun high!
    very social, good for any social activity. very good for musicians, nice up high strong but not too much.
    not very strong munchies, great for taking a walk around the city,
    and pretty much do whatever you like to do. A very nice combination of
    up Body effect and a very nice positive mental effect. no after down, but if u smoke to much of it you might get a bit sleepy.

    Team Zion

    And of course.. Some Photos

    Strawberry Cough Hash
    strawberry hash.JPG

    and i had to share these amazing Swazi safari Photos
    this swazi safari is one of my favorite sativas.
    tastes like tropical fruit with some anise and earthy hashy hazey hints..

    SS zoom.JPG

    Peace... Team Z
  2. DistantToker

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    That looks super awesome, I've always wanted to try that strain. Maybe Someday :) Great Job dude!!! :thumbsup:
  3. vegasgrwr

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    Strawberry Cough

    I have just started flowering my first hydro of strawberry cough. Im green at this, any advise??
  4. MDherbman

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    thanks man.

    got 2 seeds growing bout a week of the SC. glad the reviews are saying it does what i was hoping it would. now i just hope that i get some fems out of this :-D
  5. smokers

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    ive been searching for a strain i smoked in eindhoven and its the best weed i have ever smoked and the name was "strawberry" im not sure if cough is the same strain but if it is you have one very potent weed there and can you tell me whish seed company sells it?
  6. TC42o

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    I just finished 3 of 4 of my feminized strawberry, day 25 of cure, a definite berry flavor, but not quite "strawberry"... great resin production, not quite the caliber of my HeadBand but still killer, very heady.. and very tasty..

    thx for the grow report "Team Z"
  7. smokers

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    the strain i smoked in eindhoven was the most strawberry smell/flavour/taste i have ever came accross havent seen anything like it since and have been in amsterdam 3 times since and its not available anwhere
  8. hamatoyoshi

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    Thanx for all the replies

    It aprears that the Zion Team Photo of Strawberry cough #3 had won the photo contest at the dutch passion website as the photo of the month... check it out


    June 2009 - indoor
    DP Variety: Strawberry Cough
    Kind: feminized
    Country: Israel
    Grow method: organic
    Medium: soil
    Remarks: Was sowed at the 1st of march 2009, started blooming at the 11th of april 2009. Grown indoor under 600 lucalux bulb with digital uplux 600 ballast grown indoors in Israel where it's getting really hot now. Was grown fully organic in a very special soil we mix 20% coco fibers 30% Kekkila finish black peat 30% perlite 20% worm humus Was fed Mostly BioBizz Nutrients, And Some Guano Tea Once-Twice a week
  9. Italiano715

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    Thought I'd share some of the fresh strawberry cough I just got :)


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  10. JayJayW

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    Never heard of it. I'm assuming it's similar to juicy fruit. Right?
  11. Blaised

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    damn italiano that is a nice ass nug.
  12. wowman5

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    Is the strawberry cough an auto plant? before I switched my lights before harvest they looked like they were starting to flowering is that normal or was it an auto flower feature? My northern lights did the same thing
  13. Buck Rogers420

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    I am 6 weeks into my first grow ,this is a SC I double manifold. I can't wait to finish it! 14749920109941983699717.jpg

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