Strawberry cough?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by Rabbit Lion, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. PlantHeadJ

    PlantHeadJ Registered+

    The Strawberry Cough is an awesome strain. She likes the dirt. Not so much the hydro. She likes her ppm range in the 600-700 area in hydro or she fries. Love that taste...Drool....
  2. oliwog

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    grown it before a really liked the flavor an high so im growin it now it will be ready in bout 4 weeks time
  3. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    I have a bit of something labled "cough" on the ziplock, and it's fantastic. I assume it's strawberry, since the effects seem to match what I've been reading. I vape, and the taste is very nice. Excellent, long-lasting, uplifting high - so far no negatives at all to speak of. Would love to get it again, but living in a non-MMJ state there aren't many too many choices unless you know the right people (I don't at the moment).
  4. RobPA

    RobPA Registered+

    Anyone have any more pics of this strain? Im dieing to get my hands on some, isint any around locally that I know of.
  5. PlantHeadJ

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    I'll get some pics up tomorrow of the strwberry cough. This stuff rocks. Really good flavor after you have already passed the peice off to someone. The flavor sticks to the back of my teeth for cryin out loud!! Then the sweats, followed by a great up high. Then about an hour later I get the sweats again and it settles into a fantastic indica stone. The best part in my opinion is the smell of the smoke once it has been burned. This is an excellent smoke.
  6. Closet Smoker

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    Strawberry cough...:lovestruck: is my favorite tasting bud. I miss the aroma and sweet sweet taste of that lovely bud. Ive only had it once but it left it's mark for ever. First picture with flash, second without...

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  7. oliwog

    oliwog Registered+

    ha i love this strain so much ive grown it twice an im now about to do a mornin volcano of the strawberry cough lovely bud to smoke an a pleasure to grow as it fills your growroom with the sweet smell of strawberrys when the buds are touched or knocked i would defo reccomend this strain for anyone who loves their weed its got such a sweet distinctive taste an smell an the yeild is actually very very good for what is more of a bud youd grow for flavour an smell the bud formations are really nice to look at aswell
    unfortunally i dont have any pics of the plants before harvest but i do have a pic of a lil of dried bud of SC i will porbably grow this again soon
    i had a minor hermie problem in first 2 weeks flower though but it ended up giving me seeds that are crossed with strawberry cough an cheese so ive got some strawberry cheesecake seeds to go in next time round. lovely

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  8. theforthdrive

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    thought the same thing until i looked it up! its from dutch passion! and judging from this post the new thing Ill be keeping an eye out for.
  9. MrBean007

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    Strawberry cough first grow Question?

    This is my 1 strawberry grow (still in veg.) and my plant is about 3feet tall and the top is toppling over... Any:) advice.
  10. MrBean007

    MrBean007 Registered

    1st Strawberry cough grow.

    Im plant is about 3 feet tall and the top is bending over (Veg State) I tied it up with wire is that the best thing to do??:)
  11. fUNKYcDOG

    fUNKYcDOG Registered+

    Strawberry Cough is the shiiiitttt!!! if grown the right way will taste very much like strawberry's
  12. wowman5

    wowman5 Registered

    Good ole strawberry Cough... recommend this strain to everybody lol, I have one mother strawberry and a mother northern light, starting to get my cloning bugs work out lol. Veg and flower and 400watt metal and a T5 4/4ft tubes. not bad for a budget grow lol
  13. wowman5

    wowman5 Registered

    What nutes do you use? how hot is it getting? indoor or outdoor? soil or hydro, there are a lot of factors to why. how long do you go in between watering? my temp if can help it stays around 80-85 degrees and 50-60 humidity.
  14. wowman5

    wowman5 Registered

    very nice looks just like mine, the only thing I didn't like about this strain and it could just have been my first grow, but mine came out real light no weight to them at all...but the high was ten times better than any crap I get around here.
  15. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    this is part of my first grow, it's SC, DOUBLE MANIFOLD,6 weeks in.

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