Stress after transplant

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by trancehead, May 15, 2009.

  1. trancehead

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    I added new soil under the old by flipping the plans out of there pots adding new soil then putting the plants back in, the one iam showing here had roots all over the bottom, and when i went to put them back in the pot the bottom 1/3 of the soil was loose and fell apart somewhat, now 3 days later they look like this, is this just signs of stress from the transplant, or something worse???

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  2. Greenthing

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    Give them time to recover.
    You put em back in the same pots, i thought the idea of transplant was when the plant is rootbound you put them into bigger pots.:)
  3. trancehead

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    originally they were about 3 inches down in the pots, so bad air circulation, so i just added more soil under them to lift them out of there and give better air flow
  4. Greenthing

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    Well it should not take very long for the roots to get through 3 inches.
    Good luck matey.:hippy:
  5. Rusty Trichome

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    I tried pointing-out to him (her?) that it could wait till the next transplant, but his soil level was low, so I understand his dilema, lol. I am kinda curious why they were'nt transplanted, too. Perhaps no larger pots, or not enough soil...?

    Regardless, no harm in what was done, and the plants will love the fresh meat. (roadkill is added to some potting mixes) Should be just a couple of days before the roots acclimate, and normal growth returns. I'd start looking for larger pots, though, lol.
  6. Greenthing

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    Yeah i hear you Rusty:thumbsup:
  7. facn8ing

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    wilting plants

    I have the same problem just a little different. I transplanted my plants into new soil as they was root bound. in doing so they wilted, then later that evening they perked back up. But now this morning they are completely wilted, i dont know what to do for them. I really dont want to lose them at this stage, i have put a lot of time into them. Any ideas would be very helpful.

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