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    A most intregal part of healthy plant growing is dealing with the invetible transplant.

    While I was transplanting my SOG plants, I decided to post a thread here on how to transplant as stress less as possible. Note I dont say stress free as anytime you take a plant and expose the root system to light, air and temp changes, some stress will happen.

    But a lot can be done to minimize the stress and do so as to not skip a heartbeat thru continued growth.

    What you need, supply wise:

    Great soil / grow medium, clean and fresh.
    Schultz Rooting Hormone Powder
    pH 6.8 adjsuted water.

    I took a few pics and will try to surmise quickly.

    I will post pic by pic with detailed explanation.

    Pic one.

    Take new 'home' container and fill bottom with fresh medium so that desired height of transplant is ideal. In a perfect world, I like to have the transplant be just slightly higher at soil level in the new home.

    DO NOT pack the dirt, just fill it to the desired level.

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    STEP 2

    Next place your TO BE TRANSPLANTED PLANT, CONTAINER AND ALL, into new home. In this pic I was outside with garage door open so I just used the same kind of bottle as the to be transplanted plant is in.

    I dont like neighbors. Or people for that much either.

    Just place the container right where you want it.

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    STEP 3

    Fill in the sides of the container with loose fill of your medium to the top. DO NOT compress yet. Simply water with your:

    pH adjusted 6.8 water, mixed with Rooting Hormone Power and SuperThrive.

    Water all around the edges and this will 'sink' the soil into place.

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    STEP 4

    Repeat step may need to do this several times. You will soak the medium also quite well during this process which is good.

    Repeat until you have desired height. Remember you have not compacted the soil yet.

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    STEP 5

    Remove the container your host plant is in. Gently twist in an upward motion and the plant container will come right out.

    Now you are left with a perfectly shaped home for the plant.

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    STEP 6

    Now take your Shultz Rooting Hormone Powder and sprinkle the new home, making sure to get the bottoms and sides.

    I prefer this over application directly to the roots because too many roots, event he small ones can be missed. This dusting of the new home will saturate the entire root ball of the plant when watered.

    Apply liberally, rooting hormones wont kill. :)

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    STEP 7

    Carefully remove the entire root system...trying not to lose a single grain of dirt and observe mother nature in action.

    This is the root system of a 16 day old plant wrapped in a thermal blanket.

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    STEP 8

    Simply slide the plant into the new hole which is custom fitted.

    Now press down all areas nice a firm. Get it nice and compact.

    If you use shitty dirt, skip this step.

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    STEP 9

    Now fill in the top with more fresh soil, water well and compact again.

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    STEP 10

    Lightly spray mist the greenery and place her back into the bright white light of love and move on :)

    Sure there's lots of other methods and such but this is the one I use. The element is speed of transition for the root ball. The quicker the better.

    Hope this helps someone transplant better tomato plants. :)

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