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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JustinSKS, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. JustinSKS

    JustinSKS Registered+

    Let's say in general what do you feel is really the strongest bud you can ever have? Like what strain is so great, I think White Widow.
  2. fackfackfack

    fackfackfack Banned

    <- inexperienced smoker -> but I've heard AK 47 is some strong shit. or, as ludacris says, - Blueberry Yum Yum.
  3. NightProwler

    NightProwler Registered+

    any sort of weed thats white with crystals
  4. JustinSKS

    JustinSKS Registered+

    White Widow is my absolute fav strain.
  5. dankman

    dankman Registered+

    dudes were tellin me a bout something called plane wreck haha i want to try it
  6. Stormhix

    Stormhix Registered+

    Northern Lights is my all time fav, perfect to smoke, great high and it smells gorgeous!:thumbsup:
  7. blueberryyumyum

    blueberryyumyum Registered

    i heard schwag is pretty potent,

    lol jk, i heard white russian the most potent, but most enjoyable i'd have to go with orange kush
  8. slpntrx5

    slpntrx5 Registered+

    hmm...i had some awesome shit that smelled like fruity was pretty good, no blueberry, but the smell and the taste of the smoke were awesome! lol
  9. MetFan3125

    MetFan3125 Registered+

    I had some Sour Diesel before, and that shit was insane. 3 hits off a pipe and I was fucking blitzed.

    I had some Purple Kush once, too. That was some good ass weed, too.
  10. silasbotwin

    silasbotwin Registered+

    I smoked blueberry once and the smoke was similar in consistancy to cream in many ways.
  11. Ginnas

    Ginnas Registered+

    Can't say I've ever smoked it before, but I've heard that hashplant has very high THC concentration.
  12. Locksmith

    Locksmith Registered

    The best for me i'd have to say is some White Widow, that shit is good. But i also like Gravity and White Rhino, both good shit too.
  13. Newglory

    Newglory Registered+

    Yea i wanna try these white strains, but me being in highschool most of the people i get it off are shitfaced. So they jsut get there shit.
  14. IllusionalFate

    IllusionalFate Registered+

    Do you mean Trainwreck? Or did they actually say Planewreck?
  15. Sun Is Shining

    Sun Is Shining Registered+

    My fav would have to be some Hindu Kush I got last summer, mmmm.
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  16. MastaChronic

    MastaChronic Banned

    i dont know if its an official strain but i smoked some "nuclear bomb" with a cousin of mine and afterwards i couldnt see straight
  17. Fengzi

    Fengzi Registered+

    Grandaddy Purple (aka Purple Erkal). Considerably more potent than White Widow, Sour Diesel, Silver Haze, etc. Tastes like hash when you smoke it. 100% indica with a super strong, almost narcotic, body stone but unlike a lot of indicas this one will make you seriously twisted mentally. Pretty common in the San Francisco medical cannabis clubs but, since it's only grown from clones, hard to find on the street.

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  18. HypnotizedMind

    HypnotizedMind Registered+

    Manatuska thunder fuck.
  19. Dplaya4life03

    Dplaya4life03 Registered+

    G-13 was incredible, but it was way too much for me when i had it. I had just started blazing.
  20. LIP

    LIP Banned

    The strongst bud i have ever had was some homegrown Northern Lights.

    So strong i fell into a river and still couldnt stop lauging.

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