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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by realitycries, Oct 2, 2008.

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    I have a Question i have been smoking for a long time now right around 10 years . I remember when i used to smoke, That if i smoked around 2 to three bowls to my self i would be High for like 4 hours Like freaky high almost hallucinating high. I was just wondering if any one Knows of a strain or if its even possible to find any Strain Of marijuana that can Produce that type of high With in a bowl or two. Now you have to remember i can smoke weed all day and Even with the top strains i have had like Alaskan thunder fuck, White widow, northern lights train wreak, After about two bowls and 35 minutes latter i am sober as a cow. I would like t be able to find that one Bud that can knock even me on my ass after only a few tokes. So any information that you guys might have would be great and HIGHLY appreciated.

    Thanks again so much for your guys time and help!

    Sincerely, NaTaS.
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    Try making something like cannacaramels (linked in my siggy) which will give you a background and make your smoking high MUCH longer, trippier, and stronger.

    MTF keeps me high for hours still, with visuals. It's a bit much for me... lol! I did a cross of that to White Rhino that I've nicknamed 'Foxy's Rhinofuck' for now, and had people COMPLAIN that it is too strong to be fun. One guy I gave cuttings to just got off opiate painkillers (morphine) for a back injury by smoking the shit, and is like, "um I think I am ready to go to something a lilttle gentler now", haha.
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  4. realitycries

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    Thanks for the tips. I made some nice blond hash and made a 4gram hash cookie! And now I'm Pretty fuckin high, Great body high but still not what I'm looking for not strong enough. I'm gonna smoke a joint. see if hat boosts it!
  5. Richol

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    every time i feel i cant get to that level of high that im used to i stop smoking for like a week maybe a week and a half but sweating every day i mean a real good sweat

    then i load a bowl in my gravity bong and im off in the sativa sphere :stoned:

    mite work for u it does for me and my brother:thumbsup:
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    Heres a fact for all us stoners.....A pipe lets you get 35% of the MJ's original THC.... a joint 60% .....a Bong 78%.....volcano vaporizer 94%

    To get the most THC from your weed ....vape it:vap_smiley:

    If you want the longest lasting high from your weed injest it orally .....make some bud tea 6-8 hour body high
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  7. stoned88911

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    You sweat when u dont smoke? I do 2 i never knew why i would sweat if im not high

    Anyone know
  8. epilepticme

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    I have said it before and I will say it again... JACK HERER.
  9. FreeDaHerb

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    Lifesaver by BOG made my friend, a 35+ year veteran weed smoker have to goto the emergency room...he thought he was dying or something and was so high he broke out in sweats and started's some seriously strong sh*t. He compared it to an old school legendary california purple indica from the 70's that was of pure afgahni x columbian gold heritage, and said that was the only weed that ever got him that high before. The Lifesaver smelled like a mix between smashed blueberry & rootbeer those little candy rootbeer barrels..and totally caked in big juicy crystals with a certain special taste to it, numbing & very strong buzz. I only wish I could find some more original BOG lifesaver!

    The strain "SHIT" by Mr. Nice seedbank is some equally amazing smoke, very strong stoney weed, I remember feeling like electric buzzes were going up and down my body when I smoked a whole bowl of's a powerful skunk x old school afghani cross and is a MONSTER yielder and almost too strong...very very very odorciferous, you can smell it a block away lol
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  10. budburner

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    white widow is stronge. when i maintain a blaze for short periods it time to clean out. for about a mth in that time koromantee by sundial some teas kava kava works real good for relaxing. then after 3 weeks get a vaporizer some widow get fucked up.
  11. jondoe67

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    Try some honey or hash oil....pvc tube and super refined butane works quite well for me, you get about 3 to 5 grams of oil, depending on the quality, you can smoke an oz. in less than a week, but you will get significantly higher for longer. I tried tinctures, butter, cooking oil, brownies, capsules and various ingestion methods, they work for some, but they are a waste for me. Also, I believe they listed the new Carnival strain at around 23% t.h.c.. just got the seeds, can't wait to try it!.
  12. linearvermin

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    Jack Herer is REALLLY good man, i have to of my favourites. THAT crossed with sour diesel OMG.
  13. joeiskrunk

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    Has anyone tried Panama Red... i hear it gives you also a psychedelic high which would be pretty bomb to cross with some purple kush my buddy has. It would probably give a strong body buzz and knocks you out.

    does anyone any crosses that don't make you sleepy... instead make you alert or energetic because a lot of the weed i've been around has been potent but it puts you to sleep while i would rather enjoy it.
  14. closetnubie2008

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    Panama Red was the first weed i got high on. 1969 13 years of age. It was so fucking strong. That it was not the best weed for my first experience. The first time i smoked it i hallucinated visual and audio so much i was hiding under my covers. i had access to it for about 2 weeks and have not seen it since. Yes the leaves were "RED" as a "motherf****** And very little bud in my stash. Axially my older brothers. (pinch,pinch) These were the days when all pot was imported. And if your dealer was worth his salt he knew what region it came from. Any by the third time i smoked the Panama Red. It was a very relaxing dreamy experience. Like when you shut your eyes you went into a dream state. So my answer to your question is yes can be psychedelic
  15. joeiskrunk

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    haha thanks closet it sounds bomb... i will have to bring that up to my buddy for the next crop.
  16. frostymcfailure

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    Id revisit the strains you named add in East coast sour diesel & find someone whos got a seriously gifted green thumb. Everyone can grow but mostly everyone grows wrong..
  17. MPLSweedman

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    even though the majority of buds we get are grown in the US (for americans)

    i am still curious and would like to try columbian buds, ive seen shows where they describe red and gold buds, it all seemed to be commercial bud on the television shows from the 70s but supposedly it was still really good. ive never ever heard of any of that stuff floating around, at least in minnesota. any of you guys ever seen that stuff lately??
  18. denialisback

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    well i've been smoking 10 years too, I've never passed out on weed ever, until some months ago I smoked some cheese and I blacked out and fitted. Strong strong strong weed. god fXcking damn

    hope thats useful info dude.. oh btw it doesnt smell bad at all thats a load of crap :) smokes lovely too!

  19. Italiano715

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    Never personally tried it but this is supposed the strongest strain! The price is ridiculously stupid! I would never pay that much for seeds, but it's got some good reviews!

    BC Seeds
  20. Has anyone here actually tried that strain? That stuff better give me the best high I've ever experienced for that price.

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