Strongest strain to smoke.

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by realitycries, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Over it!

    I have smoked the diesel and chem dawg..... They barley give me a buzz 20 min later nothing.
    85% of the weed I smoke same story...... I am growing white rhino because seeds were free but same story.

    I have some days I don't even bother to smoke because it does nothing.
    So in hopes of improving my buzz I decided time to start growing myself.
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    I grow a strain called LSD yes u will get Hallucinations high had it tested tested out at 25% THC. I have a fellow grower who bred a strain called bruce banner ( it won the hybrid cup in Denver highest thc % to date of any cup winner so they said at the cup). A true headband strain and herijuana are also very strong. My new strain this year was a cross of female LSD and some Paonia purple paralizer pollen is
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    G-13 strain was grown by USA federal government in So miss. state univ. for ADD and ADHD. one of the gardeners smuggled the strain out. I do grow G-13 since my cousin has ADHD it relaxes him and helps his thinking process. For me its like wow what an upper energizing bunny for me lol
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    yes Panama Red the true strain of the 60's and 70's was incerdible. My 1st strain in 68 and has always been my favorite. Am looking for some real pure panama red seeds
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    Theres an awful lot of cobblers talked about strain strengths, the simple fact is that we are all individuals and what gets me off may not be your bag.
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    People do develop a tolerance for THC. Some say abstaining for a few weeks can bring the tolerance down. I guess it depends on the user: what the THC level of your current weed, the frequency you ingest or smoke weed, and how long you've been a user.

    High Times has a list of strains with high THC levels, if that's what your looking for.
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    If you have been smoking for a long time (say, several years) and at high intensities, you may have developed a tolerance to MJ. Unfortunately, the only way to solve that problem is to quit smoking for at least 4-6 months for complete detox. This tolerance is the bodies way of limiting overexposure to any allergen and MJ does produce an allergic (foreign substance) response in the body. A four gram cookie should have done the trick if you waited up to 2 hours for your body to metabolize the THC. Then the high should last another 4-8 hours depending on the concentration of THC in the MJ used. When ingested, MJ and its constituents are processed in the liver. When smoked they are absorbed directly into the blood stream via the lungs and other mucous lined breathing organelles. Hence the delayed hit when eating MJ vs. the almost immediate hit when smoked. Hope this helps.
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    It's your tolerance I just got out of jail like 1 month ago and be for jail I was blazeing all day ery day but now I'm on felony probation so I can't smoke but if I was to smoke even some mediocre outdoor I'd be loaded like how u say. Hope it was usefull
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    Wax... Just get some wax and your problems will be all over
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    Strains are hard to pin down for potency because all of the cannabinoid profiles vary even through the same named strains. HomeGrown is hard to tell the max THC% unless they get it tested in a lab. MCR labs out of Massachusetts runs some cool terpene tests. check out their catalog online maybe for an idea of scientifically backed up percents.

    Berry White was the best medical flower I have inhaled though. Taste and results. It is a cross between Blueberry and White Widow. Or so the grower told me :p

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    I want one (some)? how????????
  14. Agricola Novos

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    call me skeptical but i dont trust websites that dont even spell their header right. It say fiath standard pharmacy. WTF?
    also - i sent u an email. I have faith u know what u talking about... but pls god dont let this be another okee-doke
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    I want some!!! lemme know how pls? Im asking allover. 1st person who delivers gets my life long biz!!!

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