Studying Stoned

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by afghanigooey18, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. afghanigooey18

    afghanigooey18 Registered

    Ok im about to go smoke a bowl or two, how hard and how ineffective is studying afterwards?
  2. endo..jay

    endo..jay Registered+

    i could never do it cuz i couldnt concentrate plus the short term memory loss doest help..but i know many ppl thast do it

    i heard if you learn somethng when ur high you have to be high to recall all the info..dont know if thats tru tho
  3. justinsane

    justinsane Registered+

    i can do my homework ALOT easier when im high, but as far as studying... . no can do.
  4. yzstoned

    yzstoned Registered+

    for studying sober is better, for math and other tidious work getting blazed is better
  5. toker22

    toker22 Registered+

    can anybody read high? i smoke up before class but not when i have a lot of reading to do, i forget each sentence as soon as i read it
  6. yzstoned

    yzstoned Registered+

    i dont think i could read out-loud in class if i was high, but when i had to do my summer reading i read a chapter after a long night of blazin nd it was like i never read it. infact it didnt even make sense. stupid book anyway tho...
  7. ibreakthings

    ibreakthings Registered+

    As long as im not so blazed that i would laugh at the word "the", I find that I can focus alot more because I dont get distracted by other things because i guess I just dont know that they are there. If i put my mind to it then i can block out everything except what I am doing because when I'm sober, studying would piss me off really bad and I wouldnt want to do it but if im high i dont care.
  8. WhosGotTheHerb

    WhosGotTheHerb Registered+

    take it from a college stoner, reading/studying/writing papers while baked takes a LOT of practice before you can do it effectively. the more you bake and study, the better you'll get... but actually it's probably because i personally have gotten used to being stoned in general everyday.. (sorry I'm stoned right now and getting off topic) but anyway, last term i toked everyday and studied a lot (mostly while baked) and for the first time in my life, i made the dean's list. toke on :Rasta:
  9. Cas

    Cas Registered+

    studying is impossible after smoking 2 bowls dude

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