Stunted growth?

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  1. I am growing lowryders, and lowryders are supposed to go from germ to bud harvest in 2 months. I've had these for 3 weeks going on 4 and it definately doesn't look halfway done. Sorry I have no pics, but basicaly they are only 2-4 inches long, with a small set of real leaves, they have been this way for a week and a half-2 weeks and aren't changing.

    I am just wondering what causes stunted growth specificaly. Lack of nutes cause yellowing, etc... but what causes stunted growth?
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    Dont take my advice as 100% correct but I think you light source isnt right/enough. I have a seedling that has grown up to about 2 1/2 inchs since early last week. It could also be not enough nuts or PH of the soil is off. Then again you can observe these changes on the plant.

    Is your plant looking very green? Is it wilting up, down, plane?
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    I have over feed my plants in the early stages of their growth. As it was my first grow. Some completly stopped growing. OR at least at any speed that would make me think they are gonna give any decent bud. I can show you some picts later tonight. My leafs went yellow and basically they look like shit. I have started two other seedlings and they have already cauight up to the height of my stunted dead looking plants. and they are only 2 weeks old vs 4 weeks or more iwth my others.

    You were giving Ferts from a seedling? I herd this is a wrong thing to do unless you give it about 1/10 the amount per gallon.

    I have used only water on my other seedlings and they are looking way better than ever.

    I am no expert but I have learned alot

    kd special
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    Sunting can be caused by:
    high/low temps
    over/under fertilizing
    over/under watering
    plant is rootbound
    not enough light

    so if you want specifics post what your other variables are.
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    I'm curious. What are nutes??? Nutrients??
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    On stunted growth in marijuana plants, I think it's really just the seeds themselves. Some are good and some are not. I started with about 20 feminized seeds and 10 freebies. The freebies always seem to grow better. Over the last several years once in a while a seed would grow into an 8 foot tall plant, but most don't, they stop at 4 to 6 inches and never produce. One trick might be to clip and clone them which may restart their growth. In nature, I actually live in China where it grows freely as a wild plant, those seeds are the same way, many of them never grow big but a few do. Once you get a strain growing good, I would keep it and clone it. I have a Northern Lights and Purple Power strain that grow big and clone nicely. I have been trying to get third good strain, but it first takes a good seed. So, the odds are, most of the seeds you buy really won't grow, but when one does and clones nicely as well, then, you have some good weed to grow. The real solution is in cloning.
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