Stupid question, "skunk" weed good or bad?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by CSU Husker, May 23, 2006.

  1. CSU Husker

    CSU Husker Registered

    I always thought that the term skunk weed meant bad quality, but my buddy recently told me it was good stuff. So where does skunk rank? Sorry for asking such a stupid question, I am not down with the lingo.
  2. growitandsmokeit

    growitandsmokeit Registered+

    Its good. Referes to Skunk #1 specifically I think, but in the U.K. Skunk is often used as a general term for bud.
  3. LIP

    LIP Banned

    No its not. In UK there are a few diffient grades.

    Most, nearly ALL the cannabis in UK is commercial grown weed, gets you high, but its not skunk.

    Skunk, is skunk. It's extremely strong, and you'll know the diffence.

    Skunk is the BEST cannabis you can get, aside from pure hash.
  4. Bong30

    Bong30 Registered+

    fist of all you must explain your name......


    you are either a nebraskan that is going to be a vet.

    or you are a colorado football player.
  5. CSU Husker

    CSU Husker Registered

    Grew up in Nebraska and am a big Husker fan. Graduated from CSU (Colorado State University), thus the name. :thumbsup: :D
  6. go toke up

    go toke up Registered+

    skunk=good ass shit!
  7. fuzzylogic

    fuzzylogic Registered+

    it all depends on what it looks like, a lot of people like to just say stuff isn't what it really is..
  8. yoda

    yoda Registered+

    skunk is some good shit. and it has a skunkish smell to it.
  9. Jose Conseco

    Jose Conseco Registered

    Ok, so a little history lesson. In fact, I'm quite surprised that nobody has pointed this out already. "Skunk" does indeed reefer (hehehe) to the strain Skunk #1. It is actually THE ORIGINAL Sativa strain. It was the first recorded cannabis to be cultivated in the United States, after the prohibition of "marijuana." Which cultivation was done at the University of Washington state. It is also the genetic origin of any other sativa (the Eve of sativas, if you will) Every strain of Sativa that exists today, is a genetic decedent of Skunk #1. It has a very distinct "skunky" smell and gives a very energetic, uppity type effect.
    So, to summarize the answer to your question, "skunk" weed is THE ORIGINAL, BOMB ASS, Sativa.
    Obviously, the quality of any particular cultivar, is going to depend on individual plant genetics and growing parameters. So, "skunk" weed could be good OR bad. It reefers to a genetic strain. Now you know what the strain is and a little about its importance.
    Cannabis is a very important teacher plant, and should be given UTMOST respect. Using it can help raise your consciousness vibration, much like banisteriopsis caapi, psilocybin mushrooms and many other shamanic plants.
    Spread the word, spread the love. If we wish to utilize these plants legally, I believe we should respect them and learn everything we can about them, so that we aren't using the argument in political venues of "I love getting stoned dude, it's just a plant." It's imperative that we have access to these plants, and it will help our cause a great deal, if we show ourselves to be responsible and informed.
    Much love and respect to all. Keep up the good work! Truth is our greatest tool!

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