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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Based850, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. Based850

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    Yes I've read the sub post and done research. Generally all of those situations where when people had to reheat or keep sub warm for long periods of times. In my situation if I get my sub literally right before I go in for test, do y'all think it'll hold temp?

    Planning on dumping sub in pill bottle and putting in gooch area with 2 pairs briefs no handwarmer or anything extra like that. In my area usually it's walk right in no wait times. So there will be like at most a 5-10 min gap after getting sub before test.

    Also I've read that dropping your pee in first for temp, dumping it ,and then dropping in sub is effective. Any truth to that, because that'd be hella easy?

    Thanks for any replies in advanced!
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  2. Weezard

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    Sounds like you have done your homework on this.
    I'd say you are good to go on all points.
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  3. Based850

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    Weezard, I do have an extra question though, how long you think should I leave my sample in to catch temp before dropping sub? I only ask because I never payed attention to if there was always a temp strip on cup, this will be through LabCorp
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    Only way to know for sure is to practice.
    When something has possible consequences, rehearsal is advised.
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  5. Based850

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    Update: Yea for real. After practicing idk why I was even stressing about subbing. Passed
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