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    Hello my name is Subcool. Some of you may follow my work behind the camera and some may not be familiar. I have been a grower and toker for 30+ years. I lead a team of breeders in a search for better hybrids. I was invited to introduce our new strains for 2006. I am lucky enough to be engaged to MzJill so we work closely as a team.
    We have several proven hybrids and also new creations in the works, our main goal when making a new strain is to either to combine the characteristics of two strains or to replicate as close as possible a clone only phenotype and provide these to the Medical Cannabis Community. When combining strains it is usually to work in better or different taste such as a high potency variety such as Jack’s Cleaner using Blueberry, or adding purple color to a high potency strain such as Apollo-13 using Black Russian like we did with our Sputnik lines. When combining hybrids there is always variation but with proper selection and a good genetic pool and lots of tracking new hybrids can be created that are remarkably stable and just phenomenal flavors and potency combining the best of both parents. Jill is an extremely accomplished hydro grower and her first donation to TGA was the Black Russian and the Orange Velvet, recently she regained her Sweet tooth #3 and her First cross Jillybean is an amazing combination of Orange and Pineapple and Mango with a short dense plant structure that delivers large yields. Sunycheba is our Purple division, working with the Purple Black Russian male and JCB. He is responsible for Lemon Freeze, Neon Super Skunk and Double Purple Doja just to name a few. Badboy works with Hash Plant and Killer Queen. I focus on new male selection and finding the perfect father for JC. My Greatest joy comes from teaching others the art of Dank if you have any grow questions don'y hesitate to contact me.

    This thread will be quite long as we have close to 30 strains created.

    It may take a bit.

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    Sputnik 1.0

    Sputnik 1.0 (Apollo-13 X Black Russian)

    Apollo-13 has long been a favorite of mine and I enjoy turning people on to it and have them trapped at my place for a few hours to stoned to drive. Once we finished the Black Russian project with that strains amazing ability to add color I was inspired to create a Purple Apollo just to see if it was possible. The resulting hybrid produces two distinct phenotypes one that’s purple and one that’s not. The purple variation starts changing color about week 5 and fades from light pink to vivid magenta. Smelling like Blackberry jam with a hint of spice it produces large semi dense cola’s with bright green stems to accent at times almost black/purple buds. The high is extremely fun and motivating, it seems to elevate my mode when I smoke it. The White variations are incredibly potent and the high just smacks you in the face and then you just stare at the wall for a few hours. It is a shorter type plant with rock hard Apollo like nugs. It also does very well outdoors finishing early in PNW avoiding the rains.
    1. Phenotypes-2 main variations one purple and one white
    2. Height -Medium stretch
    3. Yield-Heavy/ Easy trim
    4. Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
    5. Best way to grow-Topped early and trained to a large bush.
    6. Harvest Window-60 days
    7. Sativa/ Indica 60/40
    8. Hybrid-Genius X P75 X Blackberry X Ak-47
    9. High Type-happy, invigorating, motivating, stimulating
    10. Smells like Blackberry jam with a hint of spice/ Has a deep rich Berry taste with a slightly peppery after taste
    11. Maybe the most potent Purple I’ve smoked!

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    Sputnik 1.0 More pics

    This plant is very fun to photograph and I have to show you some other phenos of her.
    Not all came out Purple/Pink the White pheno is Apollo-13 Dominant and just a trippy buzz. TOB the newest member of TGA said it made the trees look cartoon like.


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    Sputnik 2.0

    Sputnik 2.0
    Apollo-13 X Sputnik 1.0
    So now we had a purple potent plant(Sputnik 1.0) with about 50% traits from each parent. Breeding a Sputnik 1.0 male with his mom(A-13) gives this offspring 25% more of the mother plants genetics. This makes Sputnik 2.0 a P-75 or carrying 75% of the mothers traits Do not confuse this strain with Sputnik 1.0, the chances of a purple phenotype are much less but the potency of Apollo is apparent in this strain. Coloring is still present in the hybrid but we think of it as gravy. What your getting here is over a year of tracking and testing combined in seed form, and as close as you will get to A-13 until we complete the cube. One grower got 13 ounces of dried cured buds from an outdoor SP2 and says it’s his best stash to date. I always hated the fact that only 500 A-13 seeds were ever made and a simple f2 would not be justice to this incredible strain so we took the longer road and did our best to honor its legacy.

    1) Phenotypes -Very stable hybrid lime green with pink to purple pistils late outdoors
    2) Height- Medium to tall with classic tree shape
    3) Yield-Medium to good
    4) Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
    5) Best way to grow-Outdoors like a tree indoors topped early and vegged to 24”
    6) Harvest Window-8 weeks
    7) Sativa/Indica 72/25
    8) Hybrid- Genius X P75 X Genius X P75 X Blackberry X Ak-47
    9) High type- Intense, visual, increased pulse, mind altering, trippy
    10) Smells tangy, pungent, rotting fruit, berry/ Taste like tangy fruit/ tart
    11) We should have named it Apollo bx ,people get the two strains confused Doh!

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    Jillybean ( Orange Velvet X Space Queen)

    Jill was lucky enough to be gifted this amazing Orange Skunk and they day we smoked the finished bud we knew we had to outcross it with our Space Queen male. You don’t really have to be a master breeder to figure out Orange and Pineapple Mango will be a good combination. The resulting outcross is remarkably stable and is close to a 50/50 representation of the parents. Topped only once in grows into a nice short bush with lots of side branching and multi heads. Flavors range from Orange, Tang, Candy, Mango, and Apple. The cross works really well in SOG or SCROG. Although it was created as an outcross to Cube the OV every female I have seen is a keeper in its own right. Very large stems and huge top colas make this an easy strain to grow in any medium.
    We have 5 females in our bud room and 4 could be clones there so similar same height same growth speed and all have that Dank Orange smell. Very good mood elevator and general euphoria are experienced while high on this cross. Lime green with Vibrant Orange Hairs with temperature drops it can turn a deep burgundy to maroon.
    1. Phenotypes -Very stable Orange-Mango 50/50 Phenotypes
    2. Height-Short and Stocky
    3. Yield-Very Heavy/ Easy Trim
    4. Indoor/ Outdoor
    5. Best way to grow-Single topping forms multi heads
    6. Harvest Window-8 weeks
    7. Sativa/Indica 30/70
    8. Hybrid-Unknown Orange Skunk X Romulan X Cindy99BCGA
    9. High type-Happy, mood enhancing, humorous, energetic
    10. Smells like orange skunk or tang/ Taste so much like Dreamcicles you will not believe it!
    11. The bubble from this strain is like concentrated orange goo!

    ** Jill has a awesome centerfold of this plant in Heads magazine.

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    JTR (Jack the Ripper) aka Killer Weed

    Jack the Ripper JCf1 X Spacequeen

    As good as JC bx was, I learned a lot in 6 years breeding and growing almost full time and I was confident I could find a better male using patterns to find the recessive drug traits. So instead of continuing a cube I wasn’t 100% satisfied with the outcross I decided to start again using two different lines to establish the best. JTR is the first outcross to be completed using a Spacequeen male; the second will be a Cindy99 outcross. The goal here is to establish the best possible outcross to cube back to JCf1. The cool part is the outcrosses are sometimes better than the parent strains, I feel this is the case with JTR. The Lemon tart of JC has combined with the candy mango flavor of the Spacequeen to create a resinous marvel. Maintaining JC’s heavy structure and potency the female dominated this cross with the exception of adding some sweet mango flavor and smoothing out JC’s harsh toke. I will be doing my best to enter this strain in the 2006 Cannabis Cup.

    1. Phenotypes -Moderately stable with heavy Jacks Cleaner traits.
    2. Height-Tall with long stretch/ Colas swell late
    3. Yield-Medium / Moderate trim work
    4. Indoor/ Outdoor
    5. Best way to grow- Topped and placed in bud early due to stretch.
    6. Harvest Window_8-10 weeks
    7. Sativa/ Indica 80/20
    8. Hybrid-Pluton X Purple Haze X Lambsbread X NL X Jack Herer X Romulan X Cindy99BCGA
    9. High type-Intense, trippy, visual, phase shifting, increased heart rate, heavy crash increased appetite, pain relief, paranoia
    10. Lemon mango pine hash/ Taste like lemon hash
    11. 100% Full melt extreme potency

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    Neon Super Skunk (NSSK)

    Super Skunk X Black Russian

    Neon Super Skunk (NSSK)
    I have been growing a Super Skunk for many years as my weight strain. It stays low and compact and has a nice grapey flavor and I have seen 63 ounces from 2k with her. Suny mentioned to me we were lacking in Indica’s and wanted to cross Super Skunk with the Black Russian Purple male. He pollinated one SSK mom and we grew out a test batch and OMG. Purple tinged ultra funk. Warning High Odor Content! This is not a stealth plant but the cola formations and number of bud sites is amazing.
    Other than Stank her only bad trait is she will not compete with taller strains, she grows low and slow almost growing sideways instead of upwards. It almost has to many fan leaves and we found our selves thinning some fan leaves to allow light onto lower buds.

    1) Phenotypes-Dark Green with Purple hues and Maroon finishing leaves
    2) ) Height- Short & Thick
    3) Yield- Very heavy
    4) Indoor
    5) Best way to grow- Large topped plants with long veg
    6) Harvest Window-60 days
    7) Sativa/ Indica20/80
    8) Hybrid- Super Skunk X Blackberry X Ak-47
    9) High type- stoney, mellow, chill, body high, potnap
    10) Smells like-Skunks and berry’s
    11) Did I mention it stinks?

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    Conquistador ( Connie)

    Hash Plant X Ortega X Cindy99
    This strain stands out for it’s huge yields and towering colas. Our largest yielding strain this combination of potency and size. Doing well in both soil and incredible in DWC she has a watermelon fruit taste and good mix of head bizz and body stone.

    1. Phenotype Large tight long thick buds
    2. Tall, thick stems, good support for large colas
    3. Yield Heavy Easy to trim
    4. Indoor /Outdoor with southern climates
    5. Best way to grow Veg long grow large top early
    6. Harvest window 55-60
    7. Sativa/ Indica 30/70
    8. Hybrid established Large mom and Potent father with Cherry Flavoring traits
    9. High type thick stoney heavy old school wasting
    10. Smell like Watermelons or Cantelopes
    11. The largest Colas I have ever seen.

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    Vortex ( The sneaky one)

    Vortex (Apollo-13 X Space Queen)
    My oldest head stash crossed with my new favorite. Both have similar pungent, rotten fruit, baby poo smells. Both carry heavy potency and copious amounts of resins. This combination of Cannabis Freaks won’t win any vigor or yield awards but for serious collectors of recessives this is a must have. Expect weird mutations and incredibly sticky freaks of nature. This hybrid tends to grow like a vine and need serious tending to achieve decent yields. I yielded just over 4 Ounces in soil using lots of plant bondage and training. This strain is offered mainly to collectors who have experienced the high or unique smell of either parent. This is not a strain for someone new to indoor growing or large scale grows looking for big production. It is a strain that with luck you can find a once in a lifetime mom for head stash. Brothers Grimm meet Vic High in a genetic soup that is one for the history books. Look for colas to dreadlock out and almost appear seeded they swell so full.

    1. Phenotypes -Large variation with phenotypes like both parent strains
    2. Height-Short, vine like, weak stems, long internodal spacing
    3. Yield-Medium/ Very hard to trim
    4. Indoor Only
    5. Best Way to grow- Wide sagging bush with hundreds of bud sites. Lots of stakes and string
    6. Harvest Window-45-55 days
    7. Sativa/ Indica 80/20
    8. Hybrid-Genius X P75 X Romulan X Cindy99
    9. High type-heart racing, energizing, confusing, stoned, ripped curled under, stupidity
    10. Smells like Mango Snapple with lemon/ Taste like sweetened lemonade.
    11. Very unique Cindy like plant with a bizarre twist, very potent

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    Spacetooth ( Sweet tooth #3 X Space Queen)

    Spacetooth ( Sweet tooth #3 X Space Queen)
    I first smoked Sweet tooth #3 at Barney’s Breakfast Pub in Amsterdam and although it was sweet and tasty I was not that impressed.( It Won The Cup) Jill kept telling me she had one she grew for years that was really special and then one day she got a chance to get it back from people who held it that had formally had mites. We carefully kept it in quarantine and once sure she was clean we gave her a run through the bud room. Short, fat, fast as hell and just easy to grow, Jill was certainly correct about it being special. We let our SpaceQueen dude work his special magic on her massive flowers and the resulting cross is a slightly more pungent version with extra potency. I think it’s much better than the Dutch phenotype and I have never seen a plant get such large buds in such a short time. Although the strain has a candy fruity taste it is much different than any of our other strains. Would do extremely well in grow rooms with limited ceiling height.
    I cannot imagine her in a coliseum or cage, the yields would be staggering.

    1) Phenotypes- Dark Green with rust colored hairs
    2) Height-Short Stocky Dense
    3) Yield-Heavy with longer veg times
    4) Indoor
    5) Best way to grow- Untopped or topped with long vegetative time
    6) Harvest Window-45-50 days
    7) 50/50
    8)Hybrid- Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Blueberry X Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Romulan X Cindy99
    9) High type - Stoney, restful, munchies
    10) Smells like Candy and Lime / Taste like slightly rotten pink grapefruit
    11) It is almost a stoner proof plant. It will basically grow in any conditions and doesn’t mind lower lumens.

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    Strain created to Honor my best friend who died in Amsterdam 4 years ago,
    This combination of Killer Queen, Ortega, and Cindy99 is a Cherry hash favorite and established favorite. Amazing cherry flavor is this strains claim to fame and large amount of resin make this a TGA legend for making Bubblehash. Performing well both indoors and out it’s rapid maturity makes her a keeper in many gardens long before a grower gets to taste the amazing over powering Cherry smell.

    1. Phenotypes Medium yielding very fast resinous with slight variation in taste.
    2. Short, medium structure
    3. Medium Yields
    4. Indoor/ Outdoor
    5. Great for SOG and SCROG
    6. Harvest window 45-55 days
    7. Sativa/ Indica 50/50
    8. Hybrid cross with established parents
    9. High Light to heavy nice body stone happy thought and yummy taste
    10. Smells like Cherry’s
    11. Our most established strain.

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    Space Queen f2 (Spacejill)

    SpaceQueen f2
    A copy of one of my favorite breeders best work. With pain staking care we selected the best female from 5 amazing female and pollinated her with our proven Space Queen male

    From Vic High

    Space Queen was the only reason I invested in C99 in the first place. Ever since I heard the description of Soul's princess I knew her and Romulan would be the perfect match. Then prototype crosses between P75 and Romberry started pumping out the winners that have found keeper status in many select gardens. Each of these keepers exhibit a blend of C99 and Romulan characteristics. Space Queen is a Romulan/C99 hybrid. Flavour and potency are sure things, both parents are known for their high potency and great highs. Lemon, pine, and pineapple all swirl in a pungent bouquet to tantalize your taste buds!! Vigour will be outstanding and you'll be able to cut back on the light intensity somewhat Flowering time will be comparable to Romberry, averaging 8 weeks depending on grower and grow environment. Yield will be above average, but she won't be a top production plant. I hope she puts a smile on a few faces.

    This may get long this is an amazing looking plant.

    It's also some of the best weed I have ever smoked!!

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    I must say I've purchased and grown out lemon freeze before and It was definitely the most potent, crystalized plant I've ever seen. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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    The Long Road

    Even though this strain has been mainly a give away or less expensive line no less I poured my heart into the selction. I wish we had done our standard 30 starts but I only had one pack of this strain and as I said to one breeder who was razzing me over the low selection numbers " Do you happen to have 10 packs of Vic's Original Space queens? Then shut the hell up :)

    We found tow basic lines a Joe Pine Romulan Dominant and a C99 just as you would expect. We choose the C99 style Pheno #3 to make this cross based on flavor, size, speed, and yields. The A and B type phenos are some of the most potent on earth but I am not sure how happy my cusotmers would be with a 5 foot plant that yields 40 grams.

    I however grow it 2 cuts to a pot and it's my all time smoke.

    It just a hard choice for 1 jar of stash versus 5 jars when I grow a JC.

    More Pics

    I have alot of this strain due to its amazing resin build up.


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    From a grower that also grew out Vics work.
    "I've had space queen for a long time now, got the original seeds from bcga at heavens stairway . I,ve grown 8 seeds, found the pheno that best suits me .It has rock solid buds with a fruity pineapple smell and taste with hashy undertones my girl finishes in 45 to 48 days of 12 / 12. I'm using gh nutrients under 1 / 600 watt hps, grown in dwc buckets. The high from this strain is so nice, well balanced .
    I couldn't ask for more ..."

    I tend to agree


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    Just awesome!
  17. Easy Roller

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    What TGA strain would yo buy sub?

    People rarely ask me this? They ask me what strain is good for this or that.

    If I had limited funds I'd sit on the auctions untill I owned 10 packs of this and crack every bean. I am not even saying your going to have as good of luck as I did from Vics Originals but this is not some White Label cross we spent a year on selection and out of 100 I know Id find several Epic Phenotypes to add to my head stash.
    This is absolutly the weed you dream about when you start out.

    Space Queen Rocks


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    Apollo-13 meets Ortega X C99 is a cosmic potency soup.
    This strain was actually an unplanned pregnancy. While making more Dannyboy Badboy was working with live pollen for the first time. He got major drift and a few Apollo-13 females seeded. Well we know Taco male and what he did to females we had already grown out Dannyboy and simply loved what he added to Killer Queen.
    The shock was when grow results started coming in with growers tossing out collected strains and replacing her with this little bit of dankness.
    What you looking at is Cherry tart Apollo-13 and a damn serious Sativa Hybrid with heart racing, visuals the whole ball of wax.
    Unfortunately this strain has pretty much sold out except for the large percentage in Fiesta mix. TGA Canada is hard at work with a new Brothers Grimm male and our three breeding moms Apollo-13, Cuddlefish hash Plant, and Killer Queen.
    We also have back crosses of the Taco line in progress.

    1. Phenotypes. Apollo dominant small sort ultra resinous plants
    2. Short with tight internodes
    3. Yield Small to medium
    4. Indoor
    5. Does well in SOG and Multi site un topped set ups
    6. Harvest window 50-60 days
    7. Sativa/ Indica 70/30
    8. Hybrid Grimm genetics with proven stability
    9. High type Up, Speedy, hazy, extremely confusing, lost, baffled and shitfaced
    10. Pungent Citrus Hash Rotting Fruit
    11. Hard To Acquire now.

    We are re working this cross as we speak.

    From an Astroboy grower
    Hope your well!
    You have told me how you love the indicas that you grew up smoking, how do you feel about a sativa?
    I too mostly grew up on the heavy strains, a sativa was always a treat.
    I have had audible/visuals trips on weed. I have "shrunk"
    and had a couple surreal experiances, which brings me to this

    The few tiny bottom/bottom buds dried on the moniter did absolutly nothing for me that I noticed.
    So several days later I took the bud from the end of the branch that I had already molested,
    threw it on a platter that mostly stays on my coffee table under a ceiling fan to dry out the wetass weed we smoke most of the time and let dry for a couple of days.
    When I couldn't stand it any more I cut it up still pretty wet
    bud, cleaned out my pipe and fired upabowl while *** slept.

    It smoked real nice...THE END!

    Haha............ Now REALLY what happened next hasen't happened since I was a teen.
    Heart rate went up, and my mind
    seemed like it was jacked into a mainframe.
    The thoughts totatly detached and unrelated
    rushed through my mind at a breakneck speed.
    This shit ain't quite done with me yet though as it setteled down, well it seemed like it settled down but as I was about to find out it was only 1 "wave" of many.

    I felt as if I was floating, my body very light and seemingly
    barely attached to my mind.
    I had a "third eye" that seemed to view a slide show,
    in my head that was totatly unrelated to the mad rush of thoughts that had flooded back over me.
    So there I sat looking in looking out not really seeing anything thinking "at least I'm not paranoid", while watching cartoons through my third eye.
    I go up to my grow room to look at my plants almost 2 hrs. has passed since I smoked. I said fuck this shit & loaded another bowl and fireditup.

    Woke ***, and stared into space while she smoked a cigerette When I went to bed my body kept "sliding sideways across the bed while it maintaned the surreal unattached feeling. Laying there in the dark I watched what I mostly remember as Steamboat Mickey cartoons along with flashes of light, through my third eye, fianally going to sleep about 4:30 3 hrs. or so after I started my session.

    I told you I'd tell you how it smoked...
    It's a keeper for sure in my garden.
    I'm letting it go a while longer as the trics are still most all clear, and it probably needs to settle down a little bit, I'm not as young as I used to be.
    Take Care,
    fried out

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    ~Welcome to the Show!~ New TGA Strain Info

    Well the day is near and we are very excited. Team Canada has worked hard in the frozen waste land of the north to pump out our latest creations. Before we get started I’d like to thank Badboy and Homegrown for working so hard to get these ready. Considering recent events and how many people lost years of work I am happy we stayed on course and trusted in our karma.
    These amazing pictures were taken by Homegrown he is the newest Jr. member of TGA and far from an FNG. Even though he doesn’t have my years of experience we are honored to have him tend some girls for us.

    These crosses are long awaited by me and put together by Badboy who is responsible for the now famous Conquistador, Astroboy, and backing up my Dannyboy. OK Enough but kissing lets get to it.

    Strain will be released soon at auction only at first for field testing.

    Our first new strain is Queen Annes Revenge. Killer Queen X Grimm
    This Killer Queen Phenotype has been with me now for almost 8 years. Originally found in a pack from Vic I had 3 females that were good but this one was outstanding in flavor and high. At the time it was the most potent thing I had smoked other than Jacks Cleaner.
    It has a mango candy flavor and is done is as early as 50 days but we found out later if taken to 63 days she packs on the potency.

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