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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by kdawg745, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. kdawg745

    kdawg745 Registered

    i wanna make a homemade bong but i dont use tin foil for the bowl and there any thing i could use to make the bowl that i could find in my house
  2. friendwithweed

    friendwithweed Registered+

    you could use steel wool in ur bowl instead of tin foil....
    i've seen crack heads use it instead of a screen but fuck i'm drunk so belive what you want
  3. GanjaSmugler

    GanjaSmugler Registered+

    you can take a rachet peice and put a sink screen in it and just pack it in there. you would have to find the right size rachet for the sink screen to fit snugly into though.
  4. ermitonto

    ermitonto Banned

    Yeah faucet screens are the exact same thing as pipe screens, only minors can buy them. What a screwed up country.
  5. TonyMontana

    TonyMontana Registered

    you could use a screen from you tap in the sink but make sure its not copper only siliver.
  6. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    cut out a chunk of screen from a window, the use the ratchet idea, thats what i do
  7. DrGonzo

    DrGonzo Registered+

    screen from a window might be galvanized, making it very dangerous to heat up. Be careful what you smoke, llamaman...faucet screens work great. Just make a hait of stealing them wherever you go...if you see a sink, try to unscrew it and grab the screens. You'll have a collection in no time.
  8. llamaman666

    llamaman666 Registered+

    i checked, the screen is ungalvinized and is plated to stay strong so bears dont come in the window, welcome to alaksa

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