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    I have the other thread out there asking how. Now I know. History. I have an original White Widow, verified by experts over my head. I did the cardinal mistake of taking a plant from someone else and not putting it in quarantine. The mildewcides that kill PM are bad for consumption, especially once burned/heated.

    Well I went through 3 cloning cycles just hammering the plants with Eagle 20. Just the clones were moved to another sterile grow area and they were cloned, grown, sprayed with E20 and about a week later cuttings taken and cloned. As stated 3 full grow cycles in veg were done. Meanwhile the other garden was allowed to grow out and finish (I do a perpetual method) The grow room was then majorly cleaned sprayed with a bleach water concoction and new fans and filters installed. All pots were washed in bleach.

    Tho not completely done with the first new flower cycle (5 weeks in) there is no sign of PM on anything in the flower room. The one in there is 3 months since Eagle 20 of the mother. It should be safe to consume once completed.
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