Sudden Change In Husband's Sexual Behavior

Discussion in 'Women's Issues' started by Dro_Princess, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Dro_Princess

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    So here lately my husband has had a very noticeable change in his sex drive and behavior in bed. He is like a horn dog here lately. He would hump my leg if I let him. Dont get me wrong I love sex. Its great and he has always been great in bed. But he is wanting it all the time.

    Also he has become more verbal. It was a surprise at first because he is usually on the quiet side other than moaning and grunting. But he has started talking dirty. I don't have a problem with it I like it but its just like one day out of no where he started doing this. I kinda started to giggle but turned it into a moan/groan to cover it up. It was just so unexpected and when he started doing it, I got out of the sex frame of mind and couldn't help it.

    Also he is cumming a lot more and there is a lot of pressure behind it. Tonight, for example, it got all over the wall, headboard, and even on the celling. How the hell did it get on the celling?? It cant be because he is backed up because we have be freakin like wild animals this week.

    So my question is have any of you other ladies ever experienced this kind of change with a partner? What could have brought this on? We have been together for 5 years, so we are very comfortable sexually. I'm curious as to what could have flipped his switch.
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  2. DarkHairedSativa

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    My experience went from that to the he taking Levitra or viagra and just doesn't want to tell you about it? Maybe he was talking with some of the guys and they gave him something to try to excite you more....not that he doesn't but if he thought he wasn't up to his old standards....I dunno just a thought....but hey don't mine went from horn dog to zip....I'm lucky to get it once a week sucks! Cuz we switched gears...I used to be the one pushing him away now I'm clutching and he's not anymore....I wish it was the other way still.Talk about frustrating!!! ;)

    Wait...the ceiling?!? How the hell??? lmao!!! :D:thumbsup:
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  3. Dro_Princess

    Dro_Princess Registered+

    I don't know how he managed to get it on the ceiling. Its a mystery. Its like a automatic weapon here lately. I may need to start wearing safety glasses to protect myself.

    He's not taking any kind of meds. The 5 years that we have been together he has never went to the doctor. Only gets his yearly physical at work. I don't think he talks about it with anyone at work, but who knows. Where is Nancy Drew when you need her?
  4. DarkHairedSativa

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    My b/f says thats what happens to him when he is on tweek.... sorry for the reference,but don't know how else to phrase that...I hope it's not something like that for you,but that is the reason for the lapse at the moment.He's clean now for quite a while and I'm VERY proud of him so I won't complain about the lapse.His body needs some serious time to heal from the damage it caused.... but he is right.I didn't know what he was doing at the time and that is how it used to be with him.... Did you ask your hubby why the sudden change in gears? or do you think it would embarrass him if you did? I always phrase it like "Wow,Babe! What's gotten into you here lately??" with a big grin...
  5. king of the world

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    it kinda sounds like he took some kind of pill, thats the way i interpreted your post.
  6. Dro_Princess

    Dro_Princess Registered+

    I asked him what had gotten into him. He said he didn't know. That he is feeling the best he has felt in a while and that he is just horny all the time. He has been lifting weights and we both have been eating healthy here lately since were trying to conceive. I don't know what it could be.

    I know he for a fact that he isn't taking anything. That's not like him. He hates taking any kind of medication. He will barley take an aspirin when he has a headache. He does drink a lot of energy drinks but that's it. I don't know
  7. MadSativa

    MadSativa Registered+

    I think thats what it is you guys are eating right and working out, always makes me wana get down, but then Im always down
  8. Dr HaZzMatT Esq.

    Dr HaZzMatT Esq. Registered+

    Go with it! wear something sexy tonight (can goggles be sexy?) (give the kids their meds) lock the door and don't forget the lube!
    Hell Yea!

    maybe hes eating more veggies! has there been a change in his eating habits?

    I stopped drinking soda and coffee and my erections have lasted twice as long! my wife has to "tap out" and take a break
    I'm 39 and have been faithfully married for 13 years this Aug 20th!
    It just keeps getting better! I love my MILF!:thumbsup:
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  9. 420MissHighTimes420

    420MissHighTimes420 Registered+

    LOL!! Automatic wepon!
  10. Mississippi Steve

    Mississippi Steve Registered+

    So are you braggin?? or complainin??
  11. Dro_Princess

    Dro_Princess Registered+

    Neither. Im just wanting to know if anyone has had this happen to them before. Its just something that has happened and I cant explain it.

    And yes Dr HaZzMatT Esq, we have been eating better no more pop, fast food, or candy. Its just better for us, especially since I want to get pregnant I need eat better anyways. Not to mention I want to be able to live longer and feel better which I do. So maybe it has something to do with that.
  12. BlueDevil

    BlueDevil Registered+

    The pill theory mentioned previously is a possibility, but know also that a guy diet and any possible supplementation can have a similar effect on his libido.

    Is he working out more? Getting more B vitamins, taking good quality food supplements like VitaLea perhaps?
    Is there a container of something called Primorye in the fridge? :D
  13. GraziLovesMary

    GraziLovesMary Registered+

    Haha its definitely his improved eating habits and excersize routine... not only is he eating less of the foods that make him lazy and tired, but more of the foods that give him energy, vitality, and stamina. AND hes working out which equals more testosterone.

    The ceiling.. thats awesome. I got it on the ceiling on accident during a solo session once.
  14. joeskater

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    yea its probally being caused by him eating healthy and working out. When you work out, your body will produce more testosterone. So its most likely being caused by that. Or is he taking roids and has x12343245 times the normal testosterone because of it. lol
  15. GraziLovesMary

    GraziLovesMary Registered+

    If theyre trying to conceive I doubt he is taking roids lol.. that would stop sperm production.
  16. Dro_Princess

    Dro_Princess Registered+

    We are eating a lot of veggies and lean meats. He is lifting weights, and we do some kind of aerobic activity a few times a week. I know that we have some vitamins in the cabinet. I went and checked it there are some daily multivitamins. I also know he drinks energy drinks everyday. I don't remember what its called but he was telling me that they have a lot of ginseng, B vitamins, and a bunch of other stuff in it I cant remeber in it. So I guess its gotta the diet change and increase in exercise.
  17. GraziLovesMary

    GraziLovesMary Registered+

    another thing, dro princess... the fact that you are trying to conceive has a TREMENDOUS psychological impact and makes sex all that much more intense and meaningful for him. Thats the sealer on the deal.
  18. BlueDevil

    BlueDevil Registered+

    Is it Monster? I love the green variety, it's my version of coffee, and yes, the B vitamins, ginseng, and guarana together have the tendency to stimulate the libido. My lady has been "tapping out" lately too, even making up a 'safety word' to snap me out of it, I guess. She's asked me to take it easy on the supplements and energy drinks, but I dunno... ;)

    I'm inclined to agree. A close friend of mine down south suffered from not only low self-esteem on account of his out of shape bod, but also some semi-serious stomach issues. Once he and his neurotic ass wife decided to have kids, her being constantly seed-hungry made him feel like a sexual dynamo. Can't say I've ever seen him happier, and according to him his stomach issues more or less went into remission.

    But now they have two kids, little sleep, and even less sex. Poor guy :(

    A good way to tell: if after climaxing he punches her in the face and storms out of the room, then you can suspect 'roids.
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  19. BlueDevil

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    Um, I have a question: if you're trying to get pregnant, why is there semen anywhere other than on the tonsils of your vertical smile?

    Now I'm no Dr. Ruth, but I'm pretty sure impregnation goes down easier without the money shot attempts. Unless...after he err, buttered your muffin, you were overcome with the sudden, uncontrollable desire for a naked tumbling and gymnastics routine.

    Just curious... ;)
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  20. deadfan420

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    WTF! LOL! :thumbsup:

    What the hell are you two doing that it's getting on the wall,headboard AND ceiling??? My gosh! Let me know whatever he's doing as soon as you find out.

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