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Sugar Shack strain

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by TheBigOne45, May 17, 2007.

  1. TheBigOne45

    TheBigOne45 Banned

    Just wondering if anyone has tried this particular strain of cannabis....Sugar Shack. I have an 1/8th coming to me in a couple days and my dealer said that it is his favorite of his current batch. I read that it is covered in crystals, hence the name Sugar Shack. Can't wait to try it!

  2. thecreator

    thecreator Registered+

    No but I know for a fact that thats some dank shit. I was just talking to my dealer about the same shit. He wants to grow it but that does shit for me now. Take a hit for me and tell me if its worth my time lol. Peace mate enjoy your smoke.
  3. TheBigOne45

    TheBigOne45 Banned

    Indeed I will! I will give a full report once I have it and let you know if its top notch. :) I have no doubt it will deliver.
  4. TheBigOne45

    TheBigOne45 Banned

    Received the Sugar Shack. It was not covered in crystals, but the hairs are more of a dark red.....but the high is amazing!! I have work in like an hour, but I should be fine. But I swear, there is something special about this weed! I only took like 4 or 5 hits and I am like ..whoa! I don't think I've had weed like this.

    There were def crystals on there.....but not what appearance I was expecting. Damn good high though!!
  5. Thepossumdance

    Thepossumdance Registered+


    im from LA and we got some of that into the club like 4 weeks ago....

    i would say its easily my favorite sativa strain... great shit really is like no other high
  6. TrainOfThought

    TrainOfThought Registered+

    I have a fresh 8th of sugar shack right here!!!!

    great bud... very soft and fuzzy.. has a tad of a desiel/gasoline smell to it but other than that its pine greens..good general smoke and a nice celbral high... appartently sugar straight are grown with sugar in the water to get it a sweeter taste... not sure if its true but i was told that
  7. Sinsemilla

    Sinsemilla Registered+

    heres some sugar shack, compared to some mids.
    pretty noticable differenece

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  8. MagicalHerb

    MagicalHerb Registered+

    sugar shack..nice catch!
    i had a few grams of that a while back. fluffy, white delicious nugget! and if i recall it was a very narcotic high.
    (funny note: on the bag, where it said sugar shack, i thought it said sugar shark and i went around telling everyone thats what it was)

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