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Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by dankman, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. dankman

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    Yes Me and 2 other friends are planning on spending a week in amsterdam around mid june.
    My main interest is coffee shops but i also want to see museums im thinking of staying at the Hotel Damrak inn because it has a prime location its pretty costly though does anyone know of a decent but not busting the wallet hotel witha decent location?
    and how much money do u think i should bring for 6-7 days worth of being in THE A i heard grams can be up to 15 euros which is like 20 bucks which is quite a bit so i was wondering which coffee shops have the good stuff at okay prices thank you for your time
  2. dankman

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    oh forreal? thanks
  3. Dampkring

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    you should check out coffeeshop tweede kamer
  4. dankman

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    im rightin down the name of every shop i can find and imm gonna try and hit at least 20 shops
  5. FlyByNite

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    I posted this in another thread but I'll post it again. There are some fairly recent ( August 2007 ) coffeeshop menus HERE. That'll give you some idea of what you'll be spending on cannabis. You can usually get good 5 gram deals at most shops. If you go a little out of Centrum to a shop like Trefpunt you can get some exceptional deals. Haarlem is a little less expensive than Amsterdam and only 6 euros round trip for the 20 minute train ride. All three of the Willie Wortel chain should be visited. For 10 euros and a 35 minute train ride you can go to Utrecht. Some excellent deals on excellent weed at Wietstock. A short walk away is The Culture Boat. A houseboat coffeeshop on a canal right across from a prison. If you are into history, Sarasani, the oldest coffeeshop in the Netherlands is located here. It was in business several years before the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam opened.


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