Sup Kiwis

Discussion in 'Australia - New Zealand' started by Eastside_Experiment, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Eastside_Experiment

    Eastside_Experiment Registered

    hey all my fellow countrymen/women, drop me a line when u free.
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  2. TokinSurfer

    TokinSurfer Registered+

    ay bro!!!! lol jj im not from new Zealand but i do watch alot of police 10 7
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  3. Eastside_Experiment

    Eastside_Experiment Registered

    Sup Cuz. Po Po 10 7 ay brutha. was all about my home town last week been a few hard core Gang wars between Mongrel Mob and Black power. Let me know when you see that 1.
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  4. luke423

    luke423 Registered

    hay e e im in nz u still live
  5. Maoriskunk

    Maoriskunk Registered+

    Aby kiwis still on?

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