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    This is the last year the farm will be rented out for events. It's taken a few years, but we're finally down to a single 20 year contract that expires this year.

    Which means no more having people crawling all over the farm on a regular basis. Be nice and quiet, with only the animals and insects to keep us company on the farm.

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    Next winter I'll have to make some decisions on what I want to grow for my first time effort.

    The barn was upgraded a couple decades ago to be able to host events. A professional kitchen and commercial bathrooms were added. But times change and it was decided a few years ago to wrap it up in having the farm being rented out for events. Never-the-less, October seems to be the favorite month for events.
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    We're going take the hay fields and turn them into about 30 acres of wild flowers, in a couple years.

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