super cropping at early age

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    out of curiosity, at what stage is it ok to super crop the main cola? how tall (or sets of leaves) should it be? any idea how to tell which way to grap for the pinch?
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    According to master gardener Soma as soon as you see pre-flowers you can start supercropping.just make sure its only every two weeks and stops two weeks into flowering
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    ok so what would happen if super cropping was done on a plant during flowering?

    as well, is there any other method that u can use to help promote more growth of the like while a plant is still in its younger stages?
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    i thot super cropping WAS a form of lst?
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    Super Cropping Technique
    Another method of topping is called xSuper Cropping'. By taking a branch between your forefinger and thumb you can gently crush the branch, causing it to develop multiple branches above the crushed area. You must crush it on the correct side or risk breaking the branch. Just squeeze lightly until you feel the branch give, then let go. If it gives easily then you have crushed it on the correct side. If it is hard to crush and the branch splits then you have chosen the wrong side. Practice makes perfect with Super Cropping.

    Super Cropping should be carried out during the second or third week of vegetative growth and does stunt the plant. You should also note that plants that are Super Cropped can remain in the vegetative growth stage for twice as long as normal but the end result is a very bushy plant with multiple node regions that should all produce bud. Many growers have thrown Super Cropped plants away because they believed that the plants were not flowering in time. If you Super Crop your plants make sure that you have the patience to wait until the process is finished which — usually about four to six more weeks of vegetative growth.
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    Other techniques are ...
    • FIM Technique
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    Once you have entered the 12/12 stage stop ALL cropping......there comes a point where the plant will NOT grow back......for instance if I chop the top off of a plant 21 into will NOT grow back but two MUCH SMALLER buds most likely will form. Do the largest percentage of your trimming, cropping etc before you turn your girls. They WILL grow of course...and you WILL be LST ing or whatever it is you want to try but keep clipping things off your plant WAY down once you have entered 1212.

    Some strains do not do well with topping but that's fairly rare.....can't think of any off the bat but there are some that will lessen yield when topped or topped too often.

    LST is probably my favorite although it can be a pita....but you can get some good results with it if you are careful.
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    jer 001, if u dont mind, would u plz explain thinning, light bending, and pruning for yeild..???
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    To my understanding it is, but the way i thought of it was kind of like this

    L.S.T. apply a small weight or pressure on a branch and bending it over a course of several minutes to days

    Super cropping (one of the forms) was actually folding it, and then the plant tissue that breaks grows back kind of like muscles do when you get stronger, resulting in a stronger branch, resulting in heavier buds that can be supported by that branch

    But i always seem to get matters wrong :Rasta:
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    Supercropping = the act of pinching stems in order to cause them to strengthen.
    This helps to control height and also allows the plant to support heavier flowers.

    LST (Low-stress training) = the act of bending stems and branches & tying them down in order to train them to grow in a direction other than straight up.
    Bending the main stem over will cause the side branching to grow more vigorously, due to the increased light they will receive but also due to the redistribution of plant hormones called Auxins. :)

    You can start to do them both fairly early in the plant's life... I've started pinchng and bending as early as 2 weeks.

    Both are great methods of manipulating your plants... I'm a firm believer in both! :D
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    how do you prune your plant to get bigger yeilds
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    supercropping is about pinching the stem and bending it so the tissue breaks but the stem does not split resulting in a flat 90 degree top cola making that branch grow branches off it back towards the light source, with stronger support at the joint yes. lest is bending slowly without breaking, it's really about have more budsites and colas. topping and pruning will result in fewer but experiment with it all, why not

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