Super glue and glass pipe?

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  1. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    hey guys...i have a glass pipe that ive owned for about 8 years and i just recently chipped the carb on it... now i have the piece that chipped off...its all one chunk so im hopin i can just super glue it back question is will the superglue degrade as it warms up??? has anyone here ever used superglue on a glass piece? and if superglue isnt recommended what alternatives do i have to fix this chip??

    here are some pics so u can see where the chip is...its pretty minor..

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  2. stinkyattic

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    Don't use it on any parts that get warm during normal use. If there is no way around it, you might just want to retire the piece and stick it in the museum.
  3. TheHonorary

    TheHonorary Registered+

    If you're brave enough you can file down the uneven surface to make it look better.
    I wouldn't risk using any kind of glue, really, due to toxicity.
  4. Dream of the iris

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    Yeah if this was like a three foot bong and it wasn't anywhere near the flame then I would say its an excellent idea but looking at the pictures it looks like it could heat up. Buy a new one dude.
  5. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    yeah i was thinkin if the glue got hot it would get all chemy tastin in the pipe...and YES that carb does get hot..


    one of u said i could try to file it??? i was actually wonderin if there is some way to melt it so its nice and smooth... i dont absolutely need the chip fixed..but im afraid someone will cut their finger on that carb..

    normally i would just retire it and get another...but man this thing has lasted 7 - 8 years i dont wanna give up on the lil feller now :)

    oh and i gotta add that i have never named a pipe that i have owned in the 13 years that ive been smokin...but i have officially named this pipe Chip LOOL i know its corny but i was all stoned with a buddy and thought of that and i couldnt stop laughin for like 5 min... :jointsmile::stoned::jointsmile::stoned::stoned:
  6. stinkyattic

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    If it's just for safety, call the head shop and see if there's a local guy who can do the repair. The melting it is the easy part; a pro glassblower/flame worker will be able to cool it back to room temperature without it cracking. The technique involves either an annealing kiln or several folds of fibreglass cloth.
  7. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    well i actually just talked to a buddy of mine that does like crappy lil glass pieces...and he said u risk breaking the pipe if u try to reheat it again to melt it... so im thinkin filing it may be my only other option...

    how would u file glass though? i have never seen it done...
  8. TheHonorary

    TheHonorary Registered+

    Sorry, I guess filing isn't the right term here. You can use black emery to smooth, not file, the sharp edges. Black emery is a polishing compound and is available at any home improvement store. There's also another technique which involves heating up a very thin line on the glass and then cooling fast enough to where it becomes very brittle and hitting it gently. This is done by tying tying an alcohol drenched thread around the piece you want to take off and lighting it. Then you quickly put the piece under cold water and gently strike it with something like a piece of wood.
    ...yea, black emery would most def be the easier way to go.
    Hope this helps.
  9. TheHonorary

    TheHonorary Registered+

    Oops, I accidentally double posted.
  10. southerntoker

    southerntoker Registered+

    dont do it...i did it teh other day and if it gets just one bit of hheat your inhaling the toxins from glue, i hate breaking glass, espccialy if its the only bong in the house
  11. jimmy8778

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    you are correct, and this is the best solution i have seen if the guy wants a quality product when he is done. i first saw this method of breaking glass the other day in a youtube video. and the emery will smooth out the edges. i figure you smooth the edges, if you dont like what you got break it then smooth the edges again, if all that fails then you chuck the piece and say you gave it your best shot.
  12. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Banned

    thanks for the help guys

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