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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by whitem5, Jul 1, 2011.

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    This is my first truely dominant sativa grow and was jus wondering if anyone had any experience with the super silver strain indoors and how damn tall i should be expecting these girls to get? Or any advice or jus 2cents can give with growing pure sativas indoors.. Thnks peepss.. Few pics of em... 10th day of flowering.. 3 are SS and the other Im not sure I jus happen ta find a SINGLE lil seed in a bag of some really good bud I got and it happen to be one of the most resilient an bushiest lil plant i ever grown lol.. Ill be posting more pix as the weeks pass stay tuneddd lol :stoned:

    FLOWERwk1-1.jpg FLOWERwk1-5.jpg FLOWERwk1-4.jpg FLOWERwk1-2.jpg FLOWERwk1-3.jpg
  2. whitem5

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    HAS no oneee grown super silver before or sumthn?
  3. Sickies420

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    i actually jus started one 2 days ago buddy ill let yuh know how it goes.... IT germinated now i've got it in soil waitten for it to break the surface...
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    I love growing sativa indoors. sativas always seem to come out better where i live. My grow room gets hot! Whenever I grow an indica the calyxes stretch and the bud comes out really loose from the heat. Everytime I grow trainwreck (cal clone) it comes out amazingly dense. The plant stretches like crazy at least 3 times in size. After about week 10 I notice some male flowers popping up but it makes it to week 12 without any seeds. I saw super silver haze at a dispensery here in So cal. I was thinking about growing it. Your plants look very similar to the trainwreck I grew. My favorite way to grow trainwreck is scroging it. I just did that for my first time and it came out great. You might notice your branches having trouble staying supported late in flowering. Some yoyo's will fix that. I will be interested in following your grow and possibly growing haze next. I really want a pure haze but the super silver haze at the dispensery looked amazing. I love sativas.
    Your plants look great so far, I look forward to seeing there progress.
    here is a link to an old picture of my grow.
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    Thnks for the input my dudes, yeah I was deff thinking about scroging this grow reason i didnt was because i never really attempted scrog before and with this being my first real sativa grow i didnt wanna get in over my head experimenting ya no lol? Iam on day 11 of flower and they EXPLODED! lol.. I just got done bending and tying down some of the taller shoots on the biggest girl, hope i dont have an issue with height later on i THINK ill be alright but well see lol.. And from everything i been reading the super silv is almost a pure haze and everyones favorite of the hazes at least but thats just personal opinon.. What kind of setup were you using when you grew your train wreck? how many plants an how much did you yield from those babies?? Ill be posting new pix every week or 10 days or so.. Reallyy excited ta see these babies with some mature buds on em!!
  6. whitem5

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    Your girls looked awesome btw! how did u like scrogen???? and did u end up having any issues due to leaving the lights on that one time??
  7. demoreal

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    Super silver haze is most popular where I live.
    When I grew that train wreck i had a 600 and 400 watt light in a 4x4 tent, I would have rather just had a 1k but the 600 and 400 are what i had lying around at the time. I also hung some cfl I had and two t5 fixtures. (all I needed were the 600 and 400), that was all that was on most of the time because of heat. I grew 5 plants on a 3x3 tray, chem dawg 91 was in the middle surrounded be the TW. I was kind of lazy and did not check how much I yielded. The scrog method worked so well, It did yield more than any other grow I have ever done. This did require a bit of veg time but it was not so bad considering most of the growth came during the plants stretch phase. As the plant stretched I just kept tucking it under the trellis I made. harvesting was a pain!
    I had no issues when leaving the lights on, The TW was getting male flowers around week 10 but that has happened every time I grow that strain, yet it has never been a problem and has not seeded the crop. I think that is a genetic flaw in that strain yet it is sill my fav strain to grow.

    Your grow looks great so far,
    Mine stretched a bit into the third week, so just try to keep that under control and aim for an even canopy.
    late in flower you will most likeley have buds dangling everywhere. i recomend getting some of those yoyo things they sell at the hydro stores. Even with my scrog I had buds dangling. (this was kind of annoying but it was not a bad thing.)
    good luck with the stretch, but it is almost there...
  8. whitem5

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    Yea thankfully my location is nice and cool and pretty dry.. With my 1000w on in the middle of the day the highest my temps have gotten so far was 82f and that was on a very hot day with the air condition off.. Normally im right around 76 consistant.. My last grow with the same setup I got 19 ounces off of 2 girls.. so well see what happens this time around :) I just gotta keep the stretching under control as u said..
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    A few new pix..

    WEEK2Flower2.jpg WEEK2Flower.jpg
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    My super silver haze was very susceptible to PM. My green crack which lived right next to it had no PM. Height was not a big problem, flower stretch was about a foot. My SSH was unsmokable due to the Sprays applied to fight PM. I actually threw it away it was so bad.
  11. whitem5

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    Hey Iam pretty toked right now not gonna lie lol what is PM again??
  12. whitem5

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    DAY 63

    Third week of flowering now amd been having some height issues so i had to whip out the ole humboldt county's bushmaster and get these girlies under controll.. And now going on my second week of snow storm ultra and purple max ;)


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