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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by yello6660, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. yello6660

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    hi all

    i have ssh thats been in flower for 6 weeks,,,,thing is the buds are very wispy and i just don't know wether it should be like this.
    i hope someone can shed some light on this for me.
    the photos aint great but i hope they good enough

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  2. yello6660

    yello6660 Registered

    i thought i'd put the background down,
    they are grown in soil 5 litre pots,,,i've had to bend them over cos they are about 6 foot tall.
    there seems to be plenty of white pistils but they don't seem to have very big calyxes so i'm a bit concerned about them
  3. WashougalWonder

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    1. Not enough lumens of light.
    2. Wrong color of light.
    3. Unpebbelized reflective material to the sides.

    All of the above will contribute to the issue. You get what you are willing to invest. The light is the investment. You need to invest more if you want better buds.
  4. DogtowN

    DogtowN Banned

    You're right about the photos... :D

    What are ya using for lights? Plant appears to be healthy. (from what I can tell from the photos) :)

    If this is the old Greenhouse Seeds SSH it does look a little thin, but these usually go long.
    Under a 1000 HPS grown in soil, I've taken them no earlier than 13 weeks, so you've still got a ways to go. She ought to be filling out soon though, provided you are supplying enough light.
    They should be getting a good frost to them around now, can't tell in the pics if this is happening for ya.
  5. canadianhemperor

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    sativas!!!look at ph level, temps....... and when the light is off stop showing light to your plants. Joke maybe you dont do that? but people usualy do and it's bad it tells your plants that it maybe wrong and it's not flowering time and that it should go back into veg cycle!!! Yep you can reveg a plant that as started flowering!!!!
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  6. CanGro

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    The sheer fact that your plants are 6ft is not going to help and so will cause a longer flower, as pointed out not only would you need to increase the the area of light, an idea would also be to increase the amount of nute to them. As the taller the plant, the harder it has to work to pull the nutes up and less nute for all the plant.
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  7. HipsterDoofus

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    ssh takes a long time to finish, stretching and long internodal spacing is normal.
  8. yello6660

    yello6660 Registered

    thanx fellas

    i'm using a 400w hps light.
    i've now spoke to an old friend and they had the same thing with these particular seeds,,,as i gave them some of them a while ago.
    so i think it could be these seeds cos i have 3 cheese in the room too and they are doing grand right now.
    i'll let you know how it goes.
    once again thankyou
  9. bobjob4u

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    They take 12-13 weeks to finish.More light would not hurt.So you are right on schedule from the pics. I did one a while back with three other strains and we used 2 -400 watt hps to flower.
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    MEDEDCANNABIS Registered+

    you are definately behind schedule, six feet indoors is too tall for most so start flowering earlier. haze genetics tend to take longer however your concerns are valid. more info would be very helpful:thumbsup:
  11. yello6660

    yello6660 Registered

    thanks for all the info
    its now 7 weeks into flower and the calyxes are growing and they starting to show resin( at last).
    was getting worried about them taking so long to show resin.
    i accemually bought these seeds online,,,were meant to be feminized,,but out of 10 only 5 were fem,,but i'm happy

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