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    Hello all!

    This is my third grow; following two very sucsessful previous grows. This grow Im really attempting to surpass my last two in both end result and how well the grow goes overall. Trying to put what ive learned so far really into this grow.

    Alright so this grow ill be doing.....

    Three × missle 33 superAuto fems

    Ill list out what my set up is as the plants grow from seedling stage to vegitation to bloom. Right now theyre six days old in the seedling stage (poped on January 7th).

    Im gonna start the actual log on the next post i make so everything is a bit easier to read.
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    ○•• Grow log start••○

    January 4th - January 7th

    Three missle 33 superauto seeds sown in rapid rooters on January 4th. Place humidity dome and kept at 72°F, 80% RH under total darkness. All three popped on january 7th.

    January 7th

    All three seedlings moved into seedling tent. The set up is as follows:

    2'×4'×5' mylar lined tent
    2×20w 5000k 800 lumen t8's w/reflector & balast

    The plants are kept under 24/0 lighting schedule. The plants are watered as needed (usually once a day) with the following solution:

    250ml pH6.5 - 7.0 H2O w/
    •0.5ml advanced nutrients tarantula/voodo/pirhna
    •0.5ml Advanced nutrients fulvic acid

    The solution is changed daily and kept in fridge at 45°F and is warmed to 62°F - 68°F before plants are watered.

    ••January 12th••

    Plants on 6th day of seedling phase and have first sets of true leaves. Root system is very strong on all rapid rooters; bright white, fuzzy roots all over bottom and edges of rooters. Seedlings are about 1.5" tall.

    Average temp: 72°F
    Average %RH: 60%
    Average # watering/day: once

    I wanted to have a little fun and play around with plant hormones. So one plant was given a dosage of IBA and NAA from a bottle of Dip and Grow. A solution of 3.5 ozs of h2o was made up with 0.1ml Dip and Grow (1% IBA/0.1% NAA) and plant was given a 5 second dip into solution. Well see how she turns out!

    Thats all for the log for now. Ill post up some pixs on another post of my ladies soon.
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    nice name.
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