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    Hi All!! :thumbsup:

    This is my method of making and cleaning CannaButter.
    You can also make it the way you like then use my SuperClean method to wash it.
    You can also disregard this post and do it your favorite way. :S2:

    You will need:
    Plant clippings
    crock pot
    empty jars with lids
    a spoon


    I gather all the plant clippings I have on hand and
    grind them up. I use a blender because that's all we have.
    Dry or fresh clippings both work well.

    Get out your crock pot. I now roughly estimate how full the
    crock pot will be after adding ground plant material.
    I then add enough butter to melt to that level.

    For this attempt at CannaButter I used
    1LB. Ground Dry Leaf Material, and 5LB. Unsalted Butter.

    Melt butter in crock pot, add ground leaf material and soak.
    When you see you have enough butter to wet all material add
    2 cups water and stir it up real good.

    Let simmer, on low, stirring occasionally. If liquid drops
    below solid material, add some water.

    Simmer 4 Hours. Stirring occasionally.
    Turn off crock pot.

    Remove plant material from crock pot using the strainer and a spoon.
    Press liquids through the strainer with the spoon, back into crock pot.
    Discard strained plant material.
    Repeat until all material is too small for the strainer to remove.

    You now have CannaButter but it will have a strong smell and taste.


    STEP 1
    Put on oven gloves if needed.
    Gather the jars and pour each jar about 1/2 way full of HOT CannaButter.

    Step 2
    Put on oven gloves if needed
    Fill jar to top with HOT tap water.
    Replace lid TIGHTLY and shake until all liquid in the jar is the same color.
    Place on table upside down "ON LID" and allow to settle.
    Repeat until all your CannaButter is in jars settling.
    Allow to settle and cool 30-45 minuted.
    Place in refrigerator on lid and cool until CannaButter is solid.

    STEP 3
    Remove from refrigerator and remove lid.
    Pour off water from top of jar. Rinse lid then add a small amount of COLD water
    into jar. Replace the lid and shake, "Cleaning off the top of CannaButter".
    Pour out dirty water.
    Place in Microwave for 2 minutes on High. Repeat as needed until CannaButter is liquid again.

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 until settled water is clear.

    Pour off clean water.
    Melt Cannabutter again until liquid and pour into final storage container.
    Refrigerate until you use it.

    GOOD LUCK :hippy:

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  2. DreadedHermie

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    Great post.

    Is there a way you can describe what an effective dose would be?

    (I realize this will have a wide variance, depending on if your material is fan leaves or sparkly sugar leaf.)

    Thanks, Hermie
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    great post & pics, very good job :thumbsup:
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    thanks :thumbsup:
  5. Dreadscale

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    Thanks for the + input, ALL !!! :thumbsup:
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    Question, I have never made cannabutter but i plan on doing it this weekend....

    When youmix the butter and the water, it doesnt dilute the butter, but rather will seperate the two like water and oil????

    Thanks for the help!
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