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Discussion in 'Grow Log' started by superskunk1, Jan 31, 2010.

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    Hey cannacom,:hippy:

    Intro: This is my first time in the flowrering period, (had some fuckups) like the title says and i have 1 baby 4-5 weeks into flowering and 2 new babies that are in there 1st day of flowering.

    Genetics: All of them are bagseeds, however the older one is some regular stuff (25-Qtrs) and the 2nd biggest is from a so-called batch of Haze (125-Qtrs):jointsmile: And the smallest yet stinky is from some pretty good stuff that had no-name

    Setup: In my closet 4x3
    400w hps kit
    three bins
    5-gal Bag pots and the big bitch has a 2.5 gal pot
    MG/pearlite 50/50 in the older lady
    Pro-mix in the 2 other ones
    Nutes- Formula flora (havent put in any of the haze
    Poly film (that hasnt been put on yet but will ASAP)
    20' fan to blow at the light so the temps stay stable
    Temps 78-84 with the door open, door closed will rise to about 88-90
    O ya and thats having my window open

    I do have alot of questions as this is my first time in flowering period and with alot of time and money invested into this, there is no room for mistakes.:D

    The big bitch has been flowering for about 4 and 1/2 weeks, if anyone has seen my other thread this plant is a beast and has been through alot of stress(still no sign of herming). About 4 days ago i gave it a overdose on nutes and now it looks like its wilting and 80% of the stems are dark purple/brown. :mad:

    The haze has been through minor stress and has been LST'd a little. It also has been given a big amounts of nutes but not as bad as the older one.

    The unknown has been topped and has been doing great. Had and overdose of nutes as well but not as bad as the oldest one.

    (taken with camera phone-used cardboard to cover light for the other pics for better views)

    1st pic is of the setup
    2nd pic is of the big plant
    3rd pic is of the haze looking pretty healthy
    4th pic is of the Unknown and has been topped
    5th pic is a top view of the haze to show how bushy she is

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  2. superskunk1

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    What do you guys think about all of them? as well as my setup.
    Any ideas of how i can keep my closet door closed with my temps staying the same?
    What should i do with the big girl? should i scrap her or dry to get what i can?
    Do you think she will make it or herm and harm my other girls?
    How long do you think i should flower for (dont know genetics)?
    Anything can help, even if you post your grow for me to compare and see where i should be, i appreciate everything. thanks in advance :hippy:
  3. bigtopsfinn

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    They look pretty good. Your setup is OK, but missing some key elements.

    You'll need a way to exhaust the hot air out of the closet. They should start to smell pretty funky soon, so you'll have to think about that too.

    I had the same problems with my 400w setup, so I bought a carbon filter, a cooltube and an inline fan plus a/c duct. Best place to vent the hot air to would be the attic if you have access to it from that room. You could also vent it out the window, but this will require you to make the opening to the window air tight with a large piece of plywood and then cut a hole for the fan. There are many options, you could even vent out the door if you can make a hole there.

    Another option is to get an a/c unit in there.

    I'd say keep her going for now.

    Just check on her frequently for male flowers, from top to bottom. If it does show nanners, then cut her down.

    Can't really tell, the ones with fatter leaves are indicas and they can go from 7-10 weeks, the bigger one with skinny leaves is a sativa dominant and it can for 10-14 weeks. Keep in mind they can vary. You'll need a pocket microscope to check the trichomes to see when they are ready for harvest. Text

    Happy growing :jointsmile:
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  4. superskunk1

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    Ok great i do have a 30x microscope and i understand its hard to tell because of unknown genetics but you told me exactly what i needed to hear. (which one looks more dominant to what)
    Thanks for all your help and will post pics when lights turn on to see if there are any differences

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    I placed poly all around my closet and tomorrow I'm planning on drilling a hole into my attic so I can have an exhaust.

    Thanks again for your help big I looked at both of the links you gave me and I've read them before but I guess I missed alot of important information. (will rep when I get home my phone dosent let me)

    I will update with pics tonight and, hopfully will make my exhaust tomorrow.
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  6. Faddenator

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    Never water before lights out. You should always water as soon as you can after lights ON.

    It might also interest you to know that your "unknown" is very indica dominant, i'd say 80% or more. you can tell from the broad, rounder leaves.

    Not trying to jack the thread, but bigtops, if you could check out my thread about canoeing leaves it'd much appreciated... ive tried everything within my power to fix them and they keep getting worse.

    good luck with everything, SS.
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  7. superskunk1

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    Thanks Faddenator :thumbsup:

    Good thing you told me about watering at lights on, i was just about to give them some PH balanced bloom nutes. (does make sense because of the plant using more water when the heat from the light is on them)

    And that is some great info on the Unknown (glad to know i have somewhat of a variety)

    And its cool i wouldnt say thread jacking, we are all here to get info and help

    And here are some pics like i promised
    ( Had my camera but cant find the USB so i had to use crappy cellphone pics again sorry about that but a little update can help)

    1st pic is of Betsy (oldest one) just to show how sad she is
    2nd pic is of the setup and notice how i have a few babies starting up in that jiffy box:D
    3rd pic is of the "unknown" notice a little browning on the lowest fat leaf (any ideas of what it is)
    4th pic is of the Haze (2nd oldest) she has been aiming towards the light (some curling on the top leaves, and browning on the lower leaves?)
    5th pic is of Haze (side shot) some brown on the lower stem

    Again sorry for the crappy pics i have to look for my USB wire before i can bust out the real cam.

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    O ya forgot to mention (top post didnt let me edit i took longer than 10min to remember)
    Ive noticed some teardrop looking growth on Betsy (oldest 1) coming out under the top leaves but on almost every top, i hope its not herming because of the battle she has been through.
  9. bigtopsfinn

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    Doesn't sound good :(

    Does it look like this?
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  10. superskunk1

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    hmm i wanna say no but it looks more like the long pistil under that ball.

    :sadcrying I really don't know to be honest i had a friend come over and he wasn't sure either. I will try to get a pic but both of my cameras cant take a pic that close. (looks blury)

    On the good side i did manage to take your advice and make an exhaust to my attic.

    This weekend im getting the Eurotech hood (like a cooltube) and hopefully a carbon filter setup should keep my temps stable. (right now its 78)

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  11. superskunk1

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    Quick update and a ?

    Ok so tomorrow Betsy is going to another home, if im not 100% sure if i hermed then im not going to continue her around my other pretty ladies.

    Also i have a question on my other babies that are in veg.

    I have no idea what it is but my PH runoff after a flush on another one (didnt want to stress this one more than it has been) was 6.0 so i watered her last night with water containing a higher PH.

    Pics to show.
    Thanks in advance

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  12. superskunk1

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    So betsy has been cutdown (didnt want to risk the the ladies) and while there are 2 in fllowering 2 in the veg room with 1 month to go, i decided to put 6 seeds to germinate hoping that i get atleast 4 out of 6.

    Well looks like all six popped open and have already rooted and are making there way up.

    Although one has the lead and its a genetic seed (Sleestack x Skunk) There is another (Sleestack x Skunk) germing as well but it has just popped open.

    Here are some pics for your enjoyment


    1st is Haze
    2nd is Unknown
    3rd is of the seedlings
    4th is of the setup (like you couldnt guess that)

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  13. superskunk1

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    Quick update:

    Everything has been going well i have a new setup and will post pics as soon as i figure this problem out.

  14. superskunk1

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    Okay guys/gals its been a few days since Ive updated I know other people would rather update once a week but I like to share how my ladies look different everyday.

    I only have one lady under this powerful 400w light, and its looking beautiful.
    I am going to add to more pretty ladies to join the flowering stage in the next week. Im still sad about Haze herming on me but the good news is that Haze#2 is ready for flower and i hope eveything goes well.

    So here are a few picks for your enjoyment :jointsmile:

    1st and 2nd pic are of the Unknown bagseed which has been growing beautiful
    3rd pic is a shot of it with a AA battery so you can tell the size


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  15. redtails

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    Any updates?
  16. stra8outtaWeed

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    yeah...yo skunk waiting for updates! :smokin:
  17. ggcuda

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    Superskunk1 are you still using the same exhaust ducting setup IE the tube into the attic? Is there a fan attached to the tube or is it just a passive vent?
    Reason I ask is if it just a passive vent I would yank the hose and leave the hole either empty or a small funneld cup no longer then 2 inches from the ceiling..all the hot air sits at the top but can not vent because of the hose etc hangs way to low... either way get rid of the hose..its not helping in any way unless its attached to your lights... if that is the case Ill shut up now.
  18. superskunk1

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    Been a little busy lately...

    Sorry about not updating lately I will soon enough I have been reading books, surfing the web, and shopping around to make sure I have everything I news to have a succesfull grow that I can be proud of.

    The two ladies/sheman have both Hermed on me and now I have been looking into cloning as well as I have genetic seeds that have germed.

    I will try to post pics this week of my new setup and what it consists of as I wouldn't want to make a new log and I have alot of new toys as well as ideas I would like to share.

    Thanks for stopping by and like I said I will begin to update this thread when I get the chance.

    O ya and the vent was used on the vented hood I had on the lamp so I do understand what you meant by it not being able to suck out hot air the way it looked in the picture.

    I'll make sure to show pics of the setup so you see how it works I also hot a fan speed controller so the temps will be stable.
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  19. ggcuda

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    my bad, didn't know you had a hood etc :jointsmile:

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