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  1. chill_out

    chill_out Registered+

    Hi can anyone tell me if this Superthrive is any good to use
  2. stinkyattic

    stinkyattic CultiModerVatorAtor

    It is very good to use.
    The best application is as a transplanting solution.
    Every time you repot your plant (usually 2-3 times in its life), add it to the first feeding after repotting.
    It contains Thiamine which is good for new root development.
    Avoid using superthrive during flower unless you do a late transplant, and then use it just for the transplant, one time.
  3. chill_out

    chill_out Registered+

    Thanks for the reply m8 think i'll get on ebay and buy some off this superthrive and give it ago
  4. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    Yes, and many use it regualrly but I feel it's not necessary and a waste of $$. But it (or a similar stress reducing product) is very necessary for transplanting and I use it very liberally when moving rooted clones into soil and any and all transplants.
  5. puddlecruzier

    puddlecruzier Registered+

    just buy it at walmart it will cost 7 bucks
  6. KL4D4

    KL4D4 Registered+

    I wish they had it at walmart I haven't seen it... and I picked one off of ebay and it still hasn't come
  7. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    7 BUCKS??? NO WAY! It's nearly 30 bucks/pint everywhere else! Unless maybe you found a baby food jar size somewhere...
  8. onequickmove

    onequickmove Registered+

    yeah, it's a little bottle; not nearly a pint that they sell at walmart etc.
  9. latewood

    latewood Banned

    1/2 pint size is about 6-7 at wallys...I use it for all my propagation.

    It is great when rooting cuttings, and when I start seeds I mix it in my water 1/4 tsp a gallon. you will never convince me that it is not worth the $$$

    stinky is on then ball as far as using it for transplant stress.

    it is B vitamins, and hormones. GREAT Stuff!
  10. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    I'm definitely not trying to suggest it's a waste of money. I'm only saying it's a waste using it on a daily routine basis...especially when only very small amounts are added. If one is looking to 'beef up' their soil like some here are suggesting for it there are far better products for that than ST, such as Dark Energy or Supernova. But hell yeah, nothing's better than ST for transplants and seed starts.
  11. BlueBear

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    I'm with LW and Stinky. I use it faithfully. 1/2 ML per gallon in mixed nutes for watering for veg, misting spray bottles during veg as well, misting clones too, seeds, like was already said, stress and transplants at about 1 too 1 1/2 ML per gallon. Pics of a little something that Super Thrive contributed too IMO.
    Hope this helps
  12. latewood

    latewood Banned

    I forgot. I do also, spritz with it...It is what is in my default water
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  13. chill_out

    chill_out Registered+

    thanks for all the replys guys,going to purchase some from ebay
  14. latewood

    latewood Banned

    If you would like...In the future...If you need a product; email me, and I will tell where to get the best deal...if possible. Through the years we have built quite a database for supplying our needs for gardening and hydroponics. Peace
  15. c of green

    c of green Registered+

    superthrive is even at wal mart now.....(not to promote wal mart,i paid the extra buck at the little family shop)i actually have a little bottle to get rid of(as well as sweet,and gh's bloom and micro(going all the way organic rather than organic based.started hydro then "organic"and real organic next time)
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  16. chill_out

    chill_out Registered+

    Got my superthrive today but whats the best way to mix it,what i mean it says 1/4 teaspoon for 4lts now that would mean me getting 2x 2lts bottles and trying to mix it like that.But then i'll have bottles of water hanging about in the warmth
  17. madeline

    madeline Registered+

    Oh man, just pour a splash into a gallon jug, add your already adjusted PH water and shake.
  18. UMrocksmysocks

    UMrocksmysocks Registered+

    just to put in my 2cents, didnt notice anyone else mention this... i hear a little ST in the water you use to germinate increases the chance of getting females :) latewood, you can back me up on this one right?
  19. latewood

    latewood Banned

    I think I have written 3-4 articles in the past on this topic...I believe so, but the proper light cycles, temps, and stress-less handling are key also, to produce fem's
  20. spectrum balanced

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    yeah I hate to derail the thread but, when you can everyone should avoid wal-mart like the plague. its a seriously evil force in the world.
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