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    i just purchased some superthrive for my indoor plants. i have 2 clones that are 5 days old. and a seed that is 23 days old and just beginning its 3rd set of leaves (not counting the Cotyledons). the seed is only a few inches but the clones are about a half foot.
    i was wondering how often do i use the superthrive?
    how much do i use per plant?
    can i start using next time i water? or is it too early?

    1st time grower so i would appreciate some responses. thanks!
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    you can use superthrive whenever you want really.doesnt matter at all and really doesnt do much....but for baby plants that need that extra push it will work...

    it says to use a drop a gallon i have no idea on what they think a drop is so i pour some into the cap,then pour the cap onto one plant water it and so on,you can use it every watering if you want to,,,and when you fertalize your plants i would use a capfull of it as well...

    i use it stuff smells like ass and i dont see much of a diffrence with or without it..
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    fuck thats disappointing. so you actually pour the super thrive itself onto the soil and then water it? because i heard you put the drop or whatever amount in your water source. so that way it spreads throughout the roots.
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    1/4 teaspoon per gallon.

    No! You had it right, you mix it with water and water normally.

    According to superthives "web site" it should be:
    1/4 tsp (teaspoon) per gallon,
    1 Tbs (tablespoon) per 15 gallons.
    Superthrive One Gallon Label :greenthumb:

    A drop is one drop that would drip off a pipette, needle, eye dropper, etc. Is it not? :what:

    That part I agree with! :toilet_claw:

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