Support for coal powered cars?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max Blast, Feb 21, 2011.

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    sry mate my head was a bit of a mess,in some reason i was thinking for a sec that your thread was called WHY COAL GARS ARE BETTER BLA BLA BLA,,sry i was accually reading that from somewhere else..and i only realised that like next day:wtf: sry bout that..
    so is here anithyng else what you wanna add here?
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    For many reasons, coal is not suitable for single party transport.
    A little reading and some common sense make that obvious.

    And there's good reason that you don't see a lot of steamboats lately. :)

    So, I'm very happy to see electric vehicles gaining ground.
    However, when most folks charge their electric vehicles, a percentage of that power is coal/diesel generated. And, as stated here their are multiple inefficiencies between that generation and it's use. :(
    My approach to clean power is solar cell roofed garages with storage cells for cloudy days. Storage technology is improving daily as is generation efficiency.
    So, as energy storage becomes more efficient, range increases, until partially coal powered recharging stations become less necessary.
    In short, I am against funding any coal projects. (Probably because the coal industry lobby is NOT giving me million$ to do so.) :D

    Just my humble opinion, base on actual facts. :)

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