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    Ok I have been looking over applications for the NMDOH Producer Program.

    It is necessary to list various ways that MM can be ingested.

    Now I know this is a serious subject and that any use that gives the user relief is the purpose. However I would never in a million years have thought of using MJ as a suppository unless I was going to prison.

    In one of the applications I did see it listed as a method and thought to myself...well many thoughts none of them without humor.

    I think I would try smoking it first then eating it second. Never would I think about a but bud suppository. Of course it would be good shit when your done. :D

    Sorry ya'll had to share that with you I just could not stop laughing.
  2. Jord0713

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    that is funny...I love my herb way too much to keister it ;) but too each his own I guess :)
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    Actually, cannabis seed suppositories were used by the Chinese. I feel that every card holding patient needs to have at least one cannabis seed suppository on hand in case they are confronted by a cop. After you show them your card, you can hand them a suppository. Tell them it is a gift from nature that they can shove up their ass. It'll be fun!

    The really screwy thing would be having a suppository considered as "ingestion"...That is just WRONG.

    I believe that the dried stem of cannabis makes the best suppository. One about a foot long with 4-6 stumpy branches. Stick it in root first for anxieties, top first for depression. Twist it around a few times for mood swings.
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    RAINHAZE Banned


    .. for some people I know, they should invent tic-tac suppositories!
  6. coolslayer

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    Sounds like a waste of cannabis to me.
  7. bedrockbob

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    Cannabis suppositories were made from the seeds to relieve hemmorhoids and other bugger problems. The Chinese, the Egyptians and a whole bunch of African tribes used em. Cannabis seed oil will shrink hemmies and make things slide better (i.e. Preperation H). So it really is not entirely BS. There is a use for cannabis suppositories!

    Now the biggest high comes from THC being absorbed through your colon, or so I am told (even when you smoke it the THC winds up in your colon). Now, the colon is not the anus, or even the rectum...Were talking intestines here... WAY past suppository country. We need some depth!

    ...Now trying to stuff a sticky bud up in there might be a little tricky! And just as you would hold a hit of fine sisnsemilla, so would you want the insertion to be no less than elbow deep. You would need assistance, a three foot section of PVC pipe, and a clean broom handle.

    Let's face it. It would still be safer than alcohol and cigarettes.
  8. personified

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    I am sure it can be helpful. However or should I say BUT :)

    I have never know what bugger off means. So I have to ask when you say bugger off. It means ass off?

    If I had a choice between alcohol and cigarettes over a 3' section of pvc and a broom handle; I am thinking the booze and smokes are safer.

    Even if you did do it I think you would need a drink and a smoke after. LMAO!! Or should I say LMBuggerO!! :)
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    Weed suppositorys

    There's one subject I NEVER imagined being discussed

    I know it's juvenile - but gawd damn that's funny!! :S2:

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