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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ChaosPotHeadNYC, Nov 20, 2007.

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    I have a drug test coming up in about two weeks, though i have stopped smoking regularly and have only smoked maybe 3 times in the past 3 weeks i want to be sure i pass and am very sure they test for all those things that either mask or attempt to clean out your system in a day. I am already considering taking niacin. I found this article online the other day, tell me if you think this is even possible that this might work because it sounds a little far fetched to me.

    Ok theres this stuff called sur gel its used to make
    jellys and jams it gives them there texture the jelly feeling
    you buy a box of that its around 2$ from a grocery store its all the same amount when you buy it jello also works and taste take that and and mix it in a 20oz bottle with cold water and shake it real good Two hours before your test you drink the mix and then drink another 20oz bottle of some thing it can be anything make sure you eat some thing to and take 1 piss after you eat and then take the test your garentied to pass even if you smoke the day before the reason is is that it coats your stomach and when you piss its just a gel but its really piss it really works no joke i wouldn't post it on here if it didn't

    Here is the link to the actual page i found it on, there more stuff but i did not feel like posting it all t
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    The jello thing doesn't work, if anything this method would just dilute you. Basedd on your smoking schedule and lenght of time as long as you don't smoke between now and then you should be fine but get some at home test strips, there cheap, and test yourself. also read the sticky on dilution if you don't pass the at home dilution would be the way to go. Soluble fiber like those fiber powders can help shorten detox time.
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    Certo is not the answer,and I've seen it all.Water,gatarade and water,flush and that is the only way accept by abstinence that I have seen.All that other stuff is a waste of money.Look,they all say drink lots of water and don't smoke for 48hrs.,usually.$$$$there it is:stoned:

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