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Discussion in 'Europe' started by feelold, Sep 26, 2005.

  1. feelold

    feelold Registered

    hi every one, im down near bordaeux any one else from this neck of the woods,or any were else in france or uk.
  2. Easy Roller

    Easy Roller Registered+

    cognac myself.....art thou a fellow grower?
  3. wallhofen

    wallhofen Registered+

    Hey, I'm american, planning a trip to Bayonne.....
    what are the french laws like in regards to our herb?

  4. ksizzle

    ksizzle Registered

    i live in london, but i go down to Pau regularly to see my family
  5. steli

    steli Registered

    im near civray dept 86
  6. sistabella

    sistabella Registered


    Hello fellow expats hehe. i am from California and living in France, 76.

    i was soooo wrong about what it would be like here. Being from Cali, land of coffeeshops.. where your doctors and lawyers blaze... i totally thought i would come to France and have no problem finding other smokers and a place to buy from.

    Boy, was i ever wrong ><

    Halloween will be my second year aniverasy here, and i am still rolling solo, and dry.

  7. theoipod

    theoipod Registered

    I live in the 78.
    10 minutes from "la defense".
    Finding weed is a peice of cake but careful because there's a lot of police.
  8. mattiej

    mattiej Registered

    Dept 11 right here and for just over two years. Nightmare getting hold of anything until you cross over into Spain :(

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