Sydney & Byron Bay, Australia

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by rajking86, Aug 7, 2005.

  1. rajking86

    rajking86 Registered+

    Hey whatup to all the Aussies on the board.

    I'll be coming to Australia for the first time during the last weeks of August to the first week in September.

    Anyone who lives there or nearby help a fellow Cannabanian out!

    Ill be in Sydney for a couple days then I'll be heading out to Byron Bay for another couple of days.

    What's the best way actually getting from Sydney to Byron Bay?

    Plane, train, etc.?

    Thanks Ill be looking around for info!
  2. 3 Sheets To The Wind

    3 Sheets To The Wind Registered+

    Never been there, so i have no idea, but have a grand old time!!! get some pics for us all:D
  3. rajking86

    rajking86 Registered+

    I definately will. I'm going with one other person who's been many times and can get some herbs, but nothing like a DEFINATE thing like we know a SPECIFIC person y'know?... haha

    Would be good to toke up with a Aussie member from here and chill !
  4. NoosaHeads

    NoosaHeads Registered+

    from sydney to Byron will take you about 9-10hrs on a coach.
    Virgin air has some good deals for cheap Plane tickets and it only takes an hour for me to get from the sunshine(qld) coast to sydney(nsw)..
    Im atleast 5hrs north of Byron Bay but if you venture up this way.
    I'd Be happy to help you out...:D.
  5. rajking86

    rajking86 Registered+

    Wow! That's great Noosa. I'll try and bring down some goodies anyway to match if I can!!!!!!

    Damn, I didn't realize the vastness of Australia, till I was checking out other flights within Australia, city to city, kinda like America.

    I guess ill feel at home, can't wait!
    I Know there's MORE Aussies on here, come on..... I think Maryjanemama's from there hm..
  6. rajking86

    rajking86 Registered+

  7. jacquelyne

    jacquelyne Registered+

    If i were you i would catch a train the number is 131500 (i worked for cityrail at one stage) they will put you through to countrylink they go to byron and that way u can have a laugh with people u meet on there etc.Have a few drinks and have a good time.If your in the country why fly u might as well see the sights on the way.If leaving from Sydney the trains for Byron bay depart from Strathfield and Central stations i think a few times a day and the train you would get on would be called the XPT.Go by train but if your impatient catch a flight u will be there superfast probably less than 1 hour.
  8. rajking86

    rajking86 Registered+

    I see... I'll be in Sydney for soon.then byron so i think it would be a beautiful journey via the railway..... good idea jac....

    how is the smoke scene in sydney btw? i want a board member's views for like, a head's up.

  9. luckydan

    luckydan Registered+

    You wont have any probs in Sydney,use to live there.Definatley have good gear there dont worry.
    I use to travell around Australia for work,every city i stoped at i managed to find pot before the days out.Most people will help you out if you are cool about it.
    I would be suprised if you couldnt get any in Byron bay but if you cant head towards Nimbin about 45mins from Byron this is hippy central the town was built on the stuff.
    If all else fails i live on the Gold Coast about 1 and a half hours away.You can look me up if you need to email me.
  10. rajking86

    rajking86 Registered+

    awesome replies!

    thanks and keep it coming.
  11. NoosaHeads

    NoosaHeads Registered+

    Luckydan Is alot closer to you than me your prolly best too hook up with him.
    it will save you a hell of a drive...
  12. sToNeDpEnGuIn420

    sToNeDpEnGuIn420 Registered+

    G-damn i wanna go to australia!
  13. Muggles

    Muggles Registered+

    I just moved to Australia from Indiana with my wife (she's a Aussie, met her online in a game called Ultima Online) and my god! Its so great here! No crime, everyone is friendly... its just all around awsome! Oh oh, and the weed here is cheaper and better!
  14. luckydan

    luckydan Registered+

    Good to hear muggles,Enjoy!
  15. mestamitch

    mestamitch Registered

    Hey mate I'm new to this site but a long time lover of the greens and the culture. I'm living in Brisbane wondering if at all possible I could contact you because im taking a trip to sydney for work this week for a week.
    Would love to find someone in the know.

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