Synthetic Urine expiration

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by ny2casports89, Dec 7, 2006.

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    Does synthetic urine have an expiration date? and if so how long from the date of purchase is it? Also would powdered synthetic urine last longer then synthetic urine that is ready to go out of the bottle? Finally... what synthetic urine would you recommend based on relability and price? I would have gone with quick fix but it seems like its somewhat unreliable now.
  2. FakeBoobsRule

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    What makes you think quick fix is unreliable?
  3. ny2casports89

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    i could have sworn I read somewhere that people were starting to have problems with it, but if thats not the case do you know the answer to my question on expiration?
  4. Burnt Toast

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    QF has a two year shelf life. If you look on the enclosed directions sheet, theres an alphanumerical date code on it. This is when the shelf life begins. For example if the code reads "F10B06", that means the batch was made in the second week of Oct '06.

    The people who claim to have problems with the QF were obviously not doing their homework. Either they werent making practice runs on maintaining the temperature, or they did not home test the bottle beforehand to see if the urine constituent levels are within acceptable limits. Adulteration test strips are used to check these levels and can be easily found online by doing a Google search.
  5. ny2casports89

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    Do you know if the all the urnie sample creatnine levels are random? I'm just concerned that if I have consecutive drug tests with the same exact creatnine level it might be suspicious
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    That is your best post yet NY. You would think that they would do that and see if you are giving identical urines but I have never heard of anyone noticing that. I have three friends who store frozen clean urine in 2 liter or gallon jugs. The dethaw them, shake up, and pour off a sample. Pretty much any sample that comes out of one big bottle would be nearly identical. No one has ever noticed or questioned. I wouldn't worry about the lab, if it is negative no one goes back over results. If your parents are testing you, I would only be concerned with them looking at the results.
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    Agent X expiration

    I have Dr. greens Agent X and have heard great things about it, but I need to know where the expiration date is! Also, I have had it in my cars glove box for several months and I live in Utah so it gets very cold here, does anyone know if its still good and where I can find that expiration date?? I have a drug test for a job in like 2 days, so I need to know quick style please!!:eek:
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    Snthetic Expiration

    Every sample is different and depends on the maker. I haven't seen any that expire in less than a year but the way you store the sample can adversely effect it's life expectancy. They should ideally be kept in a cool, dry place that's out of direct sunlight and not exposed to extreme teperature & humidity fluxuations. The only way to truly know if your sample is still ok is to rehydrate and test. However, if you have crystals or chunks that will not dissolve, you may have a problem. Good luck & don't keep it in your car next time.
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    False. The only accurate way to tell if a synthetic batch is bad is to run a validity test strip on the batch to see if the creatinine, pH, SG, etc. are all within the acceptable limits. Validity test strips can be found by doing a Google search for drug adulteration test strips.

    If synthetic tests good on the validity check, the crystals, chunks and any other matter can be filtered out, using a section of an old nylon stocking.

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