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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by greendove, Dec 27, 2006.

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    I'm not sure if anyone has addressed this previously, but I don't see it here. It's an interesting FYI for folks who plan to use synthetic urine or OTC clean-up kits. In case anyone is curious, Quick Fix can't be shipped/sold in the states of Arizona, Illinois, Kentucky, Oklahoma, New Jersey, North Carolina, or South Carolina. In some of these states, selling anything that claims to help fraud drug tests is actually a felony, so most companies won't touch it. This includes clean up detox drinks, synthetic urine, or anything else sold under that premise.

    Since that's a nice chunk of the country, I thought y'all might want to take note. I'd hate to see someone from one of these places think they can rely on this method, and then find out the hard way that they're just plum out of luck.

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    Those State limitations can easily be overcome if you do a Google search for Quick Fix synthetic urine. You'll find a vendor or two that will ship the QF anywhere. :cool:

    Or check out EBay.
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    Bingo Bango.

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