Synthetic Urine VS Detoxing, HELP!

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For my drug test (read thread first!!) do you think i should...

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  1. Use synthetic urine

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  2. Use detox drink and give my urine as a sample

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  3. Use a mix of 1 part my urine to 10 parts synthetic

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  1. professorsmoke

    professorsmoke Registered

    Got a pre-employment drug screen on thursday (tomorrow)! I have done all the preperation, i bought detox drink (Triple X), also bought Quick Fix 4.0 synthetic urine, and i have been off "the pot" (hehe) for a week now (also ran on treadmill till i sweated a lot). In addition to this i have 10 marijuana drug test strips at my disposal. Im not messing around, I NEED TO PASS.

    I am in a situation here, should i use the quick fix synthetic urine, or my own pee after using the detox stuff... Also i had another plan, use the synthetic urine and add a small amount of my own urine (after detox drink) to it at the facility. Maybe 1/10th of the amount of synthetic urine i put in the test sample. I figure that will give it the right smell and help a little with the temperature.

    Is there anyone out there that can speak for Quick Fix 4.0 synthetic urine or any synthetic urine!?!?!? If so PLEASE POST RESULTS!!! Thank you infinitly and Please take the Poll!!!

    Other questions i need answered...
    1) Is Quick Fix synthetic urine detectable by the test facility???
    2) Will my urine react in any way to the synthetic stuff??
  2. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Registered+

    1. no
    2. no, not if it is completly clean urine

    NEVER mix dirty urine with a clean sample, human or synthetic. A reading of GC/MS 150 ng/mL is a common as dirt and a 1-10 ratio would make a clean sample fail with a 15ng/mL count.

    If given a choice, ALWAYS substitute a clean sample.
    Last, triple X is simply expencive $$$ dilution. Read the dilution guidelines linked to in my signature and save most of the $$$ for what you really want to spend it on.


    PS I have used QF many time and it simply works.
  3. professorsmoke

    professorsmoke Registered

    Thanks for the tips N2, i really appreciate it!!!
  4. professorsmoke

    professorsmoke Registered

    I have been reading thread after thread in the drug test section. I just wanna personally thank IamN2Pot and all the other members of the cannabis drug test community. You guys are AWESOME, keep on puffing and dont let anyone take you down. I would like to smoke with each any every one of you dudes!

    PS... Is synthetic urine detectable by GC/MS, this question is just out of curiosity as i am sure that i am recieving an EMIT. :)
  5. IamN2pot

    IamN2pot Registered+

    Synthetic urine is not detectable by ANY drug test.
  6. Justjames

    Justjames Registered

    Hi all and thanks in advance to anyone who responds to this! I took a screen on Monday and they called me Thursday am saying it was dilute! Well I freaked out because I wasn't clean and they wanted me to repeat my sample THAT DAY! I ended up going to a head shop for synthetic urine. They only had Dr Greens Agent X! I did the test and all was fine as far as temp goes but I'm freaking out about the fact that it's a GC/MS test!

    Can anyone tell me if synthetic is all good for the GC/MS test and if anyone has used agent X!!

    Once again thanks for the help! I'm trying to remain calm but good grief I'm freaking the f*** out!!!
  7. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    Youre freaking out over nothing. The GC/MS is only used to confirm drug positives that occur on the initial assay screen. Synthetic urines contain no drugs to test positive for.
  8. Justjames

    Justjames Registered

    So it was a split specimen so if I'm understanding correctly...if both specimens come back negative on the initial lab test then the GC/MS test doesn't get performed?
  9. Burnt Toast

    Burnt Toast Registered+

    On split-specimen tests, only bottle A gets tested. Bottle B gets stored away and only gets tested if the donor decides to challenge the test results of bottle A.

    And if this was a split-specimen test, you would understand that it is one because you are required to enter your initials on both bottle A and B. The collector must also perform the actual split in your view.
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