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    Hey everybody I am sure this topic has been covered before but I wanted to open up a new thread on the topic of synthetic urine, Please only keep it to brands you have personally tried, Me myself I have tried two, Quickfix and the Golden Flask, Lets keep it friendly, no judging or talking down please. This is just to help people out who are nervous or skeptical and want honest reviews from real sincere people.
    I will start off with my stories about quickfix and the golden flask, The quickfix i will keep it short because it just didnt work, They had called and said it wasnt real urine, what tests they ran to determine that I dont know, This was 6 months ago, They let me retake the test because I complained and said it was their fault so my company let me retest and seeing as Im a pothead and couldnt get real piss from someone soone enough I saw the golden flask at a smoke shop by my house and saw it was from the same company that sells the whizzinator, which i have seen in high times and whatever so i trusted them. Anyways its simple you either use your body heat or a microwave and just dump the urine in the container, it has urea and uric acid and everything so its a real high quality and I was able to pass and keep my job that I still have today, Only thing is I wish it was a few bucks cheaper but $30 to save my job isnt too bad Id say.
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    Did they watch you? Or were you in a single bathroom alone? Dod they pay you down? As you can tell I'm nervouse lol. 1st time using fake. I go in tomorrow and just dont know where to out it to hide it or what to expect? Any insight to your situation? They can't be in the room if it is not court ordered right?
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    Pat* you down*
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    I recently applied for a job and was required to take the piss test sooner than I expected. I knew I couldn't get clean in that amount of time so I researched synthetic urine. Quick Fix plus is what chose. I bought 2 so I would have one to practice with. I read the instructions and practice maintaining temperature for several hours as well as transporting and transferring to the required specimen cup. I was fairly comfortable before the test. I followed the instructions without a problem. As we looked at the test the nurse pulls out another strip that is a validity strip. Everything checks out fine except two lower boxes. Bleach and Pyridium something. I was informed that it would be sent to the lab and it would take about 5 days to get the results. Of course I'm a nervous wreck. Day 5 comes and goes. Nothing. Day 6 was a Friday and still nothing. I had read that in cases like this it's best to wait it out. People that don't smoke aren't anxious about their test results so I didn't call and ask. The weekend passed and finally on Monday I get a call. Everything came back negative and I started my new job. This was the first time for me doing something like this but Quick Fix plus came through for me. I did call and check the expiration date on the samples before I used them.
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    They did not pat me down, But they did require me to remove all the contents of my pockets, They did have me lift me shirt above my waist and spin around too, You can keep it in your pocket but I was also nervous so I strapped it to the inside of my thigh and it got pretty warm fairly quickly but by the time you are unscrewing it and pouring it into the cup it gets down to the correct temp, I believe mine was reading 99. It was a closed bathroom, No one was in there watching, I believe they only watch you piss if its court ordered like probation/parole. After i poured the synthetic in the cup i pissed for real and flushed and put the flask in my back pocket, empty now of course and went out and I grabbed my belongings from the locker and that was that. I got a call from my employer saying that I was all good and Ive been chilling since. I really hope this helps, Let us know how yours went with a review of whichever product you chose, Sorry for the delay in response.. Happy holidays!!!!
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    There is a person I know very well that passed a 9 panel drug test (not screen) with validation using Monkey Whizz by Serious Monkey Business. Expiration was March 2019. The skepticism was real. The wait was long. This particular person had never been more on edge as it was more than a "pre-employment" circumstance. However, now that it is all over and this individual passed with flying colors the word should be passed on.

    Good luck to all those who may find themselves in similar circumstances.

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