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    Recently I was offered a job with a great company set up to make some decent money. The offer was on the table and the condition was passing the pre employment drug screen. In the past for randoms I would also use a "synthetic"urine to help me pass while not being clean. In the past I had used "Quick Fix" 4.0 or higher and never failed and used it over 20 times - amazing. Swear by it even to this day. Anyway, when I went to the local smoke shop for this test they had that brand and several others - for some reason he recommended a NEW synthetic called "Synthetix5" I purchased it went straight back the following morning. When I had got home with it that night I decided toI look it up on the net and it only had about 4 people who had posted something on it. It was mixed reactions from failing to no problems. I was scared shitless because there was not information - thought I had been scammed. So long story coming to an end I took piss test on friday, Monday the results were in - passed.

    Certain folks here said there results came back invalid or diluted. It is VERY critical to make sure temp is between 90-100 degrees when turned over to tech in lab. Most Synthetic urine have a shelf life so make sure to ask vendor about that. Do not EVER add anything to urine, but what is in the bottle. They usually give you just enough to hit the min level requested by state law so dont spill any. Use as instructed and you WILL pass easily. UA's for pre-employment screening are solo meaning no one is allowed to watch you pee unless you initially fail so Dont worry about that. Use the heating pad and do everything else and you will have no issues. Good luck to the next guy or gal.

    I have heard and know people personally who used the following synthetic urine and passed every time: Quick Fix 4.01 or Higher, Magnum, Synthetix5 and Urine Luck. I've used all and passed every time and know many who have used the same 4 and got same results - every time. Ask shelf life questions, heating in proper range prior to turn over is mandatory or you WILL fail and your all set. Questions feel free to send me a message or log on this link and I WILL get back to you. :Rasta:

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