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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Noatec, Nov 30, 2009.

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    Hello all,
    I'm brand new to this site and to growing. I have 4 new seedlings that are about 5 days old. I'm in the process of building my grow and flowering DWC space.

    I already have two dual bulb T12 florescent fixtures. Will T12 grow and flowering lights work for a small setup? Or, should I buy T5s fixtures.
    What about LEDs ? I'm flooded with so much info from both sides I thought I would ask people who actually have experience and are not trying to sell me something.

    Thanks in advance....
    The Noatec
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    T-12's will work for about 3 weeks of vegging..(6500k)...after that you need as much light as possible...2000k - 4000K
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    I am a newbe so I do not have much experience but after 5 weeks into veg I went the LED route, the pic I show are my 3 UFO (90w) LED. Not cheap but so far so good for me and they also keep temps down which is nice. I also have a 126 w LED panel on two other plants.

    I am sure you will get much more feedback on this issue. Good luck with the grow. You will learn a lot for next time. :)

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    If t-12s are all you can do at this time , then go for it.They'll grow and flower the plant , and hold down electric bills ,but they seriously lack the lumens needed for maximum growth.If this is your first grow , then by all means ,just use those for a learning experience.LEDs are a new technology that has very little middle ground opinionwise it seems.Grow your first under T-12s ,then , if you feel like stepping up to the next level , then try HIDs.Small steps often lead to larger strides .
  5. Noatec

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    Thanks very much for the info everyone.
    I've been reading forums for weeks before joining. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable.
    I think I'll wait until after Christmas and just buy a dual ballast, MH and HPS bulbs. Already have panda film on order and a great space in the basement.

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