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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by gypski, Dec 20, 2010.

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    So, here it is. who has flowered under strictly T5 and what T5 set up did you use? :thumbsup:

    Ok, I have a 6 light T5, and I'm getting ready to start flowering some of my harem. Put some of the ladies to work. I'm thinking of doing a four/two combination. AMF, I'm going to get four red bulbs, and starting with either a red/white/red/red/white/red, or red/red/white/white/red/red sequence. Give me a scientific opinion on that please. I think some white is needed for growth too during flowering, but just not as much. And what you are saying is making sense as far as lumens and yield per lumen/square ft.
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    good read DP, especially since I just bought that light :thumbsup:
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    I saw parts of that one before. Eleven pages. I'm getting a four pack of Agromax bulbs for $19.85 plus shipping. and I may add something else I may need to save a trip. So, that's a definite. I'm just curious if the configuration using 4 red and two white or I can even go 3 red and 3 white for a while because even flowering, it needs the growth lumens too. So, that was what I was wondering on. :Rasta:

    T5 Fluorescent
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    I would go with the 4 red & 2 blue; same as his #117 post pic.....and keep the plants wide & short.
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    a friend is using all reds for flowering and has been getting great results.

    he says that it's betters than previous combos of blues & reds.
  7. gypski

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    That's what I've decided to do the last four weeks. The first month three and three. two red two white two red, and white red white red white red. I'm not sold on all 6 being red. :stoned:
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    Hey Gypski,

    With T5s like most floros, even 2700k-3000k have plenty of blue in them, as much as 6000k-6500k. If you look at a spetrum analysis they both have a large raise in the blue wavelenghts.

    I have found that changing all the bulbs to 2700k (if you can find them) or 3000K for flowering is better then a partial switch out.

  9. gypski

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    Thanks OM. I'm working off a slim margin ATM, and the bulbs come in a four pack, 8 pack or singles. To get two more individually, cost almost as much as the four pack. So, I'm trying to work with what I got at this point. If I could get the same deal for six as they have for 8 or 4......................:cool:

    I need a plantation!!! :lol5:
  10. gypski

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    Got my four agromax bloom bulbs. Now to see how this brand performs. I gonna use 4 bloom with two grow, with the grow in the middle. :smokin:
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    I was using my lights very similar to yours gypski.
    2 6500k and 4 2700k
    27+65+27+27+65+27 Time to time i am changing the order

    This topic changed my mind again! Specially after i read oldmac's post.
    Well, I just checked spectrum tables again (I've been doing it for a month already), and I saw the way opposite what oldmac said.
    Here two spectrum from Philips what I am currently using.
    2700k and 6500k
    827.JPG 865.JPG
    As you can see here, 2700k only rich in orange 615-620nm, and just a little more red than 6500k at 630 and 710nm. But very poor in blue. and 6500k is almost have same amount of red colors, only no orange. Which is actually out of plants range anyway isn't it? Looks like in flowering stage 6500k more effective than we thought maybe?
    I know this is an old debate and repeats over and over again, but, just as an idea. I also heard switching to MH bulbs in last two weeks of flowering causing more tasteful/natural and more compact buds.

    By the way, I've already been waiting for two weeks for my flower spectrum (natural) lights. Hope this week they arrives and we see if they worth it.
    076 NATURE superb RGB.jpg.png
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    I have been using red for growing flowers and have really some great results with T5 Fluorescent

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