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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by dribbledrabble, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. dribbledrabble

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    I was looking for some threads about other peoples' experience with T5 lighting and couldn't find much, so I though I'd share.

    Below is the product of a T5 (4 - 4 ft.) grow. 6 weeks of veg under 4-6500K "cool white" bulbs and currently under 4-3000K "warm red" bulbs. The photo was taken 18-19 days into flowering.

    The strain is G13 x Diesel.

    2 gallon pots (going to switch to 5 gallon in a few days).

    All Fox Farm products: Ocean Forest soil (started seeds in Light Warrior); Grow Big, Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom nutes.

    I keep the lights no farther than 5 in. from the tops at all times, and the lights are so cool that I never worry about or have had any problems with burning.

    I've heard about diminished yield with T5s but so far everything looks good... but we'll see.

    I'd really to hear from others who have grown with T5s from start to finish.

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  2. smokinbuds21

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    never used t5 in my grows ive used t8 bulbs and even t12 but t5 is far beeter there is a thread on t5 tubes check indoor lighting i no theres a long ass thread about it and they also grew some good plants from there t5 grow so i no you'll be ok that plant looks great! good growth!!!

    you should get really good and wonderfull yield with those light's and from my grows ive notice that plants grow faster when your temp doesnt get any higher then 75 mine lately has been 72 and at night around 65 but not sating wont grow around 85 it will but not fast for me!!!!

    all in all keep doing what you'r doin iiiiiiiittttttttsssss greeeeaaaattt!!!!!!
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    i believe their is a thread called t5 im a believer now.
    it has pretty good info on it
    hope this helps
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  5. duncan idaho

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    lol kdspecial sweet avatar
  6. dribbledrabble

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    Fruit of Labor

    This Sunday marks the end of flowering week 9. One baby down and two more left with a little more growing to do.

    Here are some shots of the first cut. Not pictured is a small brown paper bag with some of the smaller buds from the yield.

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  7. mushaboom

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    how are the flowers? i know often times with cfl's they dont come out quite as hard or dense as they should be, just kind of fluffy.
  8. EXP13

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    Nice! Beautiful plant/s!

    I have a HOT5 fixture too. Only 216watts. It's currently running in full spectrum with 2 3000K bulbs and 2 6500K bulbs.

    I JUST planted the seeds (germinated) so I don't have too many viable pictures as of now but I will start a small grow log soon.

    Only difference is I plan on adding in two small 50 watt HPS lights. Maybe two 100watters if I can. These will be ran in line with the HOT5 fixture for a total of either 316watts for flowering or 416watts. Perferrably 416 but we'll see. Temps are an issue. I am also using the Ocean Forest soil from Fox Farm. I will not be using any fertilizer though.

    So this is promising! Thanks for the insight on the HOT5!
  9. dribbledrabble

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    the buds look pretty dense so far. still wet though so hard to tell.
  10. Jerry Garcia 2007

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    looks great for florecents. how long did you veg for?
  11. demonicronz

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    wow ive never seen any one use cfls for flower.looks way better than i would have suspected.good job:thumbsup:
  12. EXP13

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    They aren't CFLs though...

    T5 lights are HIGH OUTPUT Fluorescent tubes. Each bulb puts out 5000 initial Lumen. Quite a bit better than your average CFL.


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