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Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by BigLeagueJew, Mar 21, 2009.

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    So recently I started an indoor grow box. I have germinated a bag seed and set up two T8 Fluorescent 18 watt 22 in. grow light tubes. Does anyone know anything about these? Will they work ok for growing. I'm gonna set up some CFls for when the plant gets bigger but for the early stages are these ok or do I need to rush in the CFL power? I have found barely any good information about these lights online. The box does not even say what K they are or how many lumens. I got them at lowes and the guy basically said they would be good for growing weed.

    My plant is beginning to break the surface. It looks kind of weird so I'm not to sure about the lighting or maybe its just my lack of experience and the plant looks fine.

    You can follow my grow log here http://boards.cannabis.com/grow-log...riment-building-120-grow-box.html#post1972434 I have more info about my grow, pictures of it and some other questions.

    Any feedback would be great! Thanks in advance:Rasta:
  2. GoldenGraham84

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    those lights look like good ideas for early life use, cloning, or supplemental side lighting for the veg phase.

    they give off a slightly blue-white light, so maybe 5000k color temp or somewhere around there.

    they oughtta get you through the first couple weeks after your plant breaks soil.
  3. BigLeagueJew

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    sounds good

    that should work for what I am doing. I will supplement with CFLs soon. Also it's kind of weird but the lights have a purple glow. They are not black lights or ultraviolet though.
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    heh yeah i believe it if its showing purple "spectra". makes sense because 2200 daylight white/blue + 7700 flower red spectra = purple..

    i.e. prime red + prime blue = mid spectra purple i.e. 4000-5000k

    I only just noticed this so feeling proud :) Good info bigleague, and goodluck!

    It's worth noting that the prime red+ blue won't work with lights heh due to quantum superposition effects differing (wave vs particle).. but it still stands that mid spectra between 2200k 7700k is 4000-5000, so this makes sense to me!

    Am i going cras?

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  5. BigLeagueJew

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    haha sweet!

    Nice man! spittin mad science. Bringing me back to the shit I learned in astronomy:hippy: I think your right about the spectrum and stuff. It helps to get a good view of whats going down with the different lights. plus rep
  6. ebcrew

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    i just purchased a T8 with 3 34w bulbs. 2 6500k and 1 3700k.

    Looks great so far. putting out 102w and i have another 100w in cfls around the plants.

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