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Discussion in 'Utah (UT)' started by spastic12, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. spastic12

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    Has anyone ever bought a sack, or smoked bud that had "something extra" in it?

    Post your experiences here. I'll go first.

    In the year 2000, some friends and I went in on a quarter (we were really broke back then) and we rolled some joints. Whenever I smoke, I always smell the sack, examine it, and smell the smoke to see if there is anything else included with my purchase. Everything was fine until the area we were smoking at started spinning, and I was sinking into the ground. I started having a full on trip complete with a closed eyed dream sequence. I didn't like the trip because the only drug I've ever done was weed (that's still the case, btw) I kept asking them if there was something extra in the weed. They told me no. I got nervous, but I kept my nervousness to myself (nothing good ever happens when someone freaks out while under the influence of mind altering substances). I asked them about the source in which the bud came from, and they told me that it was from some guy. After that, I said that I'll never smoke with them again, or get any bud from that person again. To this day, I make sure that my source has pure, unadulterated herb, and I still have no idea what was in that sack.
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    maybe it was good weed :|
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    I've smoked really good bud before, I've even experienced closed eyed visuals from some, but at the time, all I could get was some seedy schwag. We only paid $10.00 for that sack, so I'm still not sure that that was unadulterated.
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    No, never remember buying an adulterated bag of weed. I did get busted with a bag of weed soaked with tincture of Opium when I was a kid (working in a drug store). The adulterant never was mentioned in court. But I got in enough trouble as it was, considering.
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    I have had that experience, but it was not from an adulterant.
    How do I know that?
    Easy, I grew it. :D
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    No want tainted weed? Quit hiding it near your taint. :D
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    Sorry, we nevah buy anything from frikken spammers.
    Yeah, saw your other posts.
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    Simply because you violated the terms of use here, posted 4 links, also forbidden, and never contacted the site owner to make any arrangement to do so.
    By definition, a spammer.

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