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    Milk Thistle protects and regenerates the liver in most liver diseases such as Cirrhosis (hardening of the Liver), Jaundice and Hepatitis, (inflammation of the Liver), and Cholangitis (inflammation of bile ducts resulting in decreased bile flow). It is one of the best examples of preventative medicine that we have today as it not only protects each cell of the liver from incoming toxins, but simultaneously encourages the liver to cleanse itself of damaging substances, such as alcohol, drugs, medications, mercury and heavy metals, pesticides, anesthesia, and even the most poisonous of mushrooms, the Amanita or Death-cap mushroom.

    This herb is wonderful and appropriate for anyone who is under stress, uses alcohol, recreational drugs, prescription medications, or lives in today's modern times of pesticides, environmental toxins, and pollution? Virtually every person in an industrial nation.

    One of the special qualities of Milk Thistle is that it cleanses and detoxifies an overburdened and stagnant liver while also being able to strengthen and tonify a weak liver; thus, delivering potent medicine to clogged, excess conditions as well as to weakened, deficient conditionals. One of the tasks of the liver is to cleanse the blood. If the liver energy is stagnant it will be unable to effectively cleanse the blood; this can result in skin problems ranging from acne to psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. Milk Thistle is a powerful herb for supporting the liver to purify the blood and is one of the best herbs for the skin disorders mentioned above. It is also effective for treating congestion of the kidneys, spleen, and pelvic region.
    The Bowels:

    Milk Thistle is a gentle and mild laxative due to its ability to increase bile secretion and flow in the intestinal tract. This herb can have actions ranging from lubrication and softening of the stools to a mild laxative effect, to actually balancing individuals that alternate between diarrhea and constipation. (In patients with stools that alternate between constipation and diarrhea, Oriental Medicine would most likely suspect liver involvement.) This formula has been seen to improve bowel regularity and stool consistency in individuals with this type of alternating presentation. This is due to the astringent nature of the Dandelion Root combined with the softening and moistening nature of the Milk Thistle).

    Milk Thistle is also a Demulcent, meaning that it soothes and moistens the mucus membranes, kidney and bladder irritations and inflammations in general. Being a demulcent, it also greatly softens and moistens the skin. Patients with skin problems ranging from acne to severe eczema have reported a clearing of skin impurities, healing of redness and inflammation, a dramatic softening and moistening of dry, cracking skin, and a noticeable glow and radiance to the skin quality.
    Treatment of Liver Disease - Hepatitis and Beyond:

    Milk Thistle has been found in recent years to be a major player in the treatment of Liver Disease. Because it helps lower enzyme levels and facilitates the liver in its process of detoxifying the body. Among all known herbal remedies, Milk Thistle finds its place as the leader in herbs to treat liver disease. Physicians have prescribed Milk Thistle for Hepatitis to keep down inflammation, Cirrhosis to soften the liver, Liver Cancer to aid in detoxification, and many dysfunctions of the Gall Bladder System. It also helps protect the liver for those individuals that are taking prescription medications known to elevate liver enzymes.
    Gall Bladder Disease:

    Because Milk Thistle is both a demulcent and it stimulates bile flow, it is a natural for treating a wide array of Gall Bladder diseases and Symptoms. Milk Thistle can calm down an inflamed Gall Bladder while at the same time clearing out any stagnation that might be present. When using Milk Thistle to combat Gall Bladder symptoms, it is important to verify that there are no Gall Stones present which would be too large for the gall bladder to pass. The only way that this can be known is to visit your local physician and get a clearance from them to proceed.
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    The name of this thread should have been Milk Thistle can't hurt and it's cheap, not to ensure a clean test. Yes, there is evidence to show milk thistle is good for overall liver health but I've tried that route as well as several others and it really didn't do much. It can't hurt and it's only like $5 or less for a big bottle. Do you know what is better for overall liver health?

    Soluble fiber. Soulble fiber is a much better aid at helping the liver because it binds to bile acids in the gut forcing the liver to dump bile acid stores and produce more.

    When you smoke a big bag of high THC content weed, take some milk thistle and then pass several labs tests, let me know! :thumbsup:
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    One week I smoked 2 bowls a day of kush for 3 days and i passed a UA using only a multi vitamin and milk thistle. I didn't know i would be taking this test and the only supplements that i took during this time were multi vitamins and 3 milk thistle tablets daily for the past month. Obviously this did help me pass the test! if that didn't than what would explain the negative?

    After smoking 2 bowls a day for 3 days of kush. i was notified i would have to test on the 4th day (day after i smoked for 3 days straight). I drank about half a gallon of water when i woke up pissed numerous times and drank about 50 ounces of water about 2 hours before the test.

    I woke up at 5am and the test was at noon. I took one milk thistle tablet on the day of the UA.

    Two days later i get a call saying i passed the test and that i should report to my manager for my schedule! hoorah!

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    You drank an awful lot of fluids in a short time. My guess would be that your urine was heavily dilluted which is why you passed.Try the milk thistle without all the fluids once and see if you still pass.Thats the problem with a lot of the detox drinks too. They make you drink lots of fluid with the detox kit so how do you know whether its the detox that worked or just all the fluids that worked.
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    ahhhh touche!:fish:

    but my creatine and specific gravity levels would have indicated a diluted test. I don't think drinking about 50-75 ounces a few hours before my test would've given me a diluted test. this is how much i drink on a daily basis.
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    This is one of those areas where it would be nice to have a friend at Qwest or Labcorp so you could experiment and know precisely whether some of these things work.Likw crabnberry juice and green tea. I use both all the time and is that why I can be clean in 3 days or is it something else.
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    burntoast says that home remedies have no effect on ridding THC from the body.... ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT. Milk thistle contains silymarin which definitely helps, bentonite is excellent for detoxification, anything with polyphenols will overpower the inhibitors of cannabinol and cannabidiol will certainly help, garlic helps BOTH phases of the body's detoxification system. (hey burnttoast, did you even know the body has two separate phases to detox?) But what do I know, I read books and burnt toast thinks that is no way to get information. I also passed ALL of my random UA's while on parole and I NEVER subsituted or used a fake dick, and I smoked chronic just about every day. I learned how to detox the body naturally and rapidly. I learned from certified dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers, and a guy who got his PhD magna cum lauda in analytical chemistry, who wrote his thesis paper on drug residues in the body. which all adds up to me knowing nothing because burnt toast says so

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    burnttoast is the antichrist.lol
    I'm sure there are natural products that help detox but its virtually impossible in this day and age to get scientific data. Nobody wants to investigate it because you can't make any money on a natural growing substance.I am still of a belief that alcohol can help just by flushing non water soluble materials out of the kidneys but how could you prove it?
    I just personally tried the visine test on 2 samples and I can tell you it does no good on a dip strip test.

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