Taking cuttings during the flowering cycle

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by Baffled and confused, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Baffled and confused

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    I'm 11 days into flowering. All my plants up to now has been started from seeds. 1 out of 4 plants is female. I think I'd like to try cloning. One of my concerns is: If I take my cuttings at or just past the flowering cycle starting, and since the flowering cycle could take a couple months, my clone would have to be in a seperate feeding and lighting envirerment until after harvesting the mother. The reason I can't take cuttings during the veg cycle is the lack of a decent cloning area. As of right now, the clone would be in a fill/drain system with 40w florescent grow lights.
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    I building a secondary box for your mother an option?
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    The mother is kept in the main grow room 1k light, the room is pretty good size but not big enough for 2 different operations, different lighting and feeding cycles, etc, etc.....I have built a sort of seed starting box on wheels and I keep it in my office in the house. The main grow room is a 10' x 10' square room in my garage. I'll try to send some pic's of what I'm talking about.
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    all you need is 2 seperate lights, now use the one in your office for the clones while you finish your mother plant in the 10' x 10' room.......when she is done.....transplant the clones from the office to your 10' x 10' room for finishing.......is that a better option...you might need to upgrade your office set up a little more ready for clones....but i think this is suitable for what you are looking for!
    Peace Out,
  5. Baffled and confused

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    Ya, I was thinking the same thing. The main concern is taking a cutting during the flowering cycle vs. the veg cycle? I've heard yes and no. I guess the only sure way is to just do it and see. Along with those who have said it's ok also said to leave lights on the clones 24/7, that it helps to get the plant out of flower and back into veg. What do ya think?
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    yes, you can

    yes, you can do it, it will cause minimum stress. remember when taking clones, the clone cannot take in water through the stem, lightly mist them, and cut any large leaves off or at least trim them down, it will help.:thumbsup:
  7. Baffled and confused

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    You know CFLs can be bought at any hardware store. They put out quite a bit of light, just get something more white/blue then yellow/orange. You can build quite a small enclosed box with those. Hell, you can really just stick a cutting into a cup of water, keep the bottom covered, replace the water every couple days, and in a couple weeks youll have bumps starting. I use Oasis cubes (when Im not using the aero cloner) since they hold whatever pH you give them unlike Rockwool. Keep them moist and in indirect light and in less then 2 weeks youll have some nice white roots sticking out. From there they can even be flowered immediatly but your not going to get much.
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    Hi b&c. Some folks claim that cuttings taken during the 1st two weeks of bloom promotes better root growth. I didnt really see any big difference anytime i tried it, but i also didnt see any negative effects.

    I did always keep the clones from flowering plants under a six tube bank of 4ft shoplites. They were on 24/7 in hopes of reversing the bloom and going into veg, and it always worked. Peace

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