Taproot down or up?

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by ghengis, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. ghengis

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    I've read conflicting advice on planting a germinated seed. Some say plant taproot down, some say plant taproot up. This article makes a pretty compelling case for planting taproot up, which seems counter intuitive (roots grow down, right?) Anyway, interested in thoughts from some experienced growers.
  2. hanayama

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    Hey i posted the same question as you. I have seen more votes for down then up....so im going with down.
  3. Weezard

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    Up with the roots!

    Hi, Ghengis.

    Plant seeds pointy side/root, up.
    Cannabis tap roots are programmed to make a U-turn.
    Pop a few, it's what they do.:D
    That gives them more leverage to push the tap root down.
    The deep tap root, then unbends that "u-turn" which provides the strength to pull the coyledons up and makes it easier to shed the seed husk.

    The way.JPG


  4. JackdaWack

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    It doesnt really matter the tap root will always grow down, but if its facing up it may take longer to break ground, im guessing the biggest issue with people is the understanding of when u plant the seed at what stage. If u germinate in a paper towel then u would place the newely popped seed, root down, if ur planting the seed it might be better to do it root up. Either way if it grows it will break ground at some point due to the gravitational factors that influence root growth.
  5. Flipperlocc

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    Weezard is right, pointy side up.

    After i germinated my seeds in a paper towel i planted the seed pointy side down, and it made a u turn, u can actually see the U turn that it makes, I'll try to take pics on monday. its pretty neet it sticks above the soil,i think i planted it too shallow, but the plant itself is fine.
  6. M.B.A.

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    hahaha, fighting over who is right here is pointless. The seeds genetics know the difference and will adjust accordingly. Don't worry about it, had the same question come up in my Intro to Plants Sciences class :thumbsup: It's all gravity and light

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