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  1. fireworks

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    Does it build up on the throat and lungs the same way it does on a pipe? If so, does it stay there? Do people not care just b/c they can't see it or b/c health effects aren't immediate?
  2. Innominate

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    I never really cared because the smoke isn't really that bad.

    If it really bothers you though you can always get a VOLCANO VAPORIZER! :D
  3. FlyGuyOU

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    tar doesn't just sit in your lungs. If it did you would die, from any smoke. Rather your body is constantly ridding your lungs of tar. The silicia/little tiny hairs in your throat and airways are constantly catching stuff and covering it with mucus, hence the hack/cough.
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  4. MadSativa

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    it doesnt build up like a pipe, but it is bad for the health, if you dirty your hand does it stay dirty even if you dont wash it...no. your body is constantly cleaning its self, lots of cardio is good for tar or flem removal
  5. LargeToker37

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    "Man, my one wish this Christmas is that I could scrape my lungs for resin whenever I don't have any weed." - one of my friends during a session the other day.
  6. Nailhead

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    Not as bad as cigs, yes, but still not healthy. I don't see why the tar wouldn't build up in your throat and lungs the same way it builds up on your pipe, except the body is probably better at removing it than I am with a q-tip on my pipe lol

    I'm sure if we could see our lungs and the direct buildup caused by smoking pot that many of us would be more interested in a vap or cooking instead of smoking cannabis, but we can't and what we can't see we don't see as a danger. Just like we can't see the McDonalds cheeseburger growing into a mutant alien inside our body before we digest it and poop it out. Americans typically do a lot of unhealthy things, and I'd say the tar from marijuana smoke is probably not real high on the list of immediate health dangers for us.

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